Google Maps API Maximum Zoom – Part 2: Overview

Yesterday we showed you a map of the maximum available zoom level found in Google Maps. If you don't already have it, download this KML file to view it in Google Earth. Today we are looking at … [Read more...]

Google Maps API Maximum Zoom – Part 1: Data collection

Ever since we did the posts on historical imagery density we have been looking for a way to map parts of the earth that do not yet have historical imagery. Sadly, the Google Earth plugin does not … [Read more...]

Converting a Google Maps screenshot to Google Earth

Yesterday we looked at a problem with the Street View layer of Google Earth. We thought it would be interesting to compare the Street View coverage as shown in Google Earth with that shown in Google … [Read more...]

Google Maps ‘Earth’ view FOV

We recently noticed that if you look at a given place in both Google Earth and Google Maps' 'Earth' view, they look a bit different, with distant objects looking closer in Google Maps than in Google … [Read more...]

Google Maps turns 10

Google Maps turned 10 on Sunday, February 8, 2015. For a brief history of Google Maps, see Google's Lat Long blog post, which features a nicely done graphical timeline. Its interesting that they … [Read more...]

Google My Maps vs Google Maps

As mentioned in this recent post, users that have custom maps are being migrated from the Classic My Maps to Google's new version of My Maps which was formerly Google Maps Engine Lite. This … [Read more...]

Moving to the new My Maps

Back in 2007 Google first introduced My Maps which allowed anyone to create and share their own maps directly in the Google Maps interface. Since then Google Maps has received a significant upgrade … [Read more...]

The Ground Truth project

We told you earlier in the week how the Google Maps data is not always 100% accurate. Google does, however, put in an extraordinary amount effort into making it the best it can be. Google originally … [Read more...]

The differences between Google Earth and Google Maps

Google Earth and Google Maps used to be very different products, but over the past few years they've become much more similar. This is largely due to the addition of new features to Google Maps, such … [Read more...]

The long history of Google Earth in Google Maps

I just came across this old post on Google+ from Evan Parker on the Google Maps team and felt it was worth sharing. Evan's post goes back in time to walk through some of the history of Google Maps and … [Read more...]