How it works: Classifying Placemarks by Region

We recently created a JavaScript tool for classifying placemarks by region. This post is about how it works. The basic idea is actually quite simple. To determine whether or not a point is inside or … [Read more...]

Mini-Google Earth application demo: imagery switcher

The Google Earth API is expected to be shut down at some point in the near future. As of this writing it is still working. We have been investigating what alternatives exist for those wishing to … [Read more...]

Altitudes and polygons in Google Earth

When creating the Santa Tracker we made use of some code we had previously written for creating arcs in Google Earth. As we noted in that post, however, the arcs use relative altitudes, but for … [Read more...]

Google Maps in Google Earth

Following on from our post on Google Earth's internal browser we are exploring what can be done within placemarks in Google Earth. A very underutilized feature of network links is the ability to send … [Read more...]

Numbering the points on a Path or Polygon with KML

We have recently been spending some time improving our JavaScript for combining polygons. In order to debug it, we found it useful to number the points for display in Google Earth. We thought that … [Read more...]

KML Polygon merger

We have recently got a bit behind on updating our 3D imagery KML file. Part of the reason for this is the complexity of dealing with new areas that are extensions of already existing … [Read more...]

Crossing the antimeridian Google Earth

When creating the heatmap for yesterdays post we discovered some things that we think are worth sharing. Every point on Earth's surface can be located with a latitude and longitude. In decimal format … [Read more...]

Visualizing Shipments from Coal Mines to US Power Plants

Thank you to GEB reader Chris Davis for letting us know of a map he has put together for Google Earth visualizing the relationships between coal mines and power plants in the United States. Grab the … [Read more...]

From Excel to KML via XML export

There are a number of different ways to get data from Microsoft Excel into Google Earth. There are various web-based tools to do the job, such as the one we mentioned in this post. Another way is to … [Read more...]

Converting Google Maps Street View URLs to KML

Google Maps Classic has been discontinued, and with it old URLs that pointed to Street View are no-longer working, including some in old posts on GEB. So we decided to write a bit of JavaScript to … [Read more...]