‘The Eye’, a rotating island in Argentina

We recently came across this article about a floating island in Argentina that rotates. Producer and film director Sergio Neuspiller discovered it when filming in the area and has since started a … [Read more...]

Mountain Visions Google Earth tours

Prompted by our series showcasing uses of the Google Earth plugin, Gary Grimm of Mountain Visions has shared with us some Google Earth tours that they have created. You can find a complete gallery of … [Read more...]

Flying around with Blue Magpie Tea in Taiwan

Over the years we've seen some great files come from Steven Ho, such as his panorama from the top of Mount Everest, his tribute to Steve Jobs and his Trip View Bowl visualization. He's back with … [Read more...]

The Spirit of St. Louis in Google Earth

Colin Hazlehurst has contributed some excellent tours to Google Earth over the years.  His most impressive is likely the recreation of Captain James Cook's circumnavigation of New Zealand, but he's … [Read more...]

Making high-quality movies with Google Earth

We've mentioned Planet In Action's Paul van Dinther on GEB quite a few times in the past.  From his games like "Ships" and "Drive the A-Team Van" to his amazing projects like the A-tour, he always has … [Read more...]

Mapping the Trayvon Martin murder case

The Trayvon Martin murder case was decided a few days ago, with the jury finding George Zimmerman "not guilty" of second-degree murder or manslaughter.  However, it remains a very hot topic as people … [Read more...]

The latest updates from Meograph

Our favorite "four-dimensional storytelling" site Meograph just posted a few great new updates: Social photos: Import Facebook, Instagram, Flickr images (and do web image search) right within … [Read more...]

“Sailing Alone Around the World” in Google Earth

Colin Hazelhurst, who has built impressive tours such as Captain James Cook's exploration of Australia, is back with an amazing collection of tours that show the voyage of Captain Joshua Slocum in his … [Read more...]

Meograph adds search features

We've been fans of Meograph since we first showed them you nearly a year ago.  In that time they've made a wealth of improvements, and the latest update is another great feature -- … [Read more...]

Tracking the International Tour de Taiwan Ultra Marathon in Google Earth

A few days ago the 2013 Taiwan Ultra Marathon kicked off, a 14 day race that covers an astonishing 1100km. The runners are all carrying a Leadtek GPS device, and the organizers have put together this … [Read more...]