Using Google Earth to find a dark sky

The best stargazing occurs when you live in an area with very little artificial light, and the Bortle Dark Sky Scale is a great tool to measure it. Here is an example: To get a rough idea of what … [Read more...]

The next generation of satellites for Google Earth

To understand how images make it from satellites in orbit to Google Earth, you should take a look at Frank's excellent about Google Earth imagery post from a few years ago. In short, Google doesn't … [Read more...]

All of the views from the “Gravity” movie in Google Earth

Over the years we've shown you many great articles from Stefan Geens at OgleEarth.  He's shared geotagged hiking trips, the destruction of the city of Kashgar, the path of the Chelyabinsk meteor, … [Read more...]

What is that mystery object on Google Moon?

A recent story on the Daily Mail claims to have found a "craft" on Google Moon.  While you certainly should take anything from that site with a grain of salt, it's indeed an interesting … [Read more...]

Exploring the moon in Google Earth

While hundreds millions of people have used Google Earth over the years, many aren't aware of some of the great things it can do.  One of those is the ability to explore our moon, which is an … [Read more...]

Shadows from days gone by

A few days ago, the official +Google Earth page shared a neat tip to be able to see the sun's shadows on the earth from "days gone by": click View > Sun. Tilt your view so the horizon is in focus, … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Satellite Tracker

Since the creation of this blog in 2005, our page featuring satellites in orbit around Earth has remained our most popular page on the site with over 650,000 page views in the past eight years. There … [Read more...]

Tracking Satellites in Google Earth

Over the years, one of our most popular pages is the "positions of satellites around earth" display, showing the position of satellites in orbit. We've seen some other excellent satellite displays, … [Read more...]

The Black Marble

We've discussed the impressive "blue marble" overlay here on GEB a few times. It's a beautiful overlay that makes Google Earth look awesome. The "pretty earth" update earlier this year made it much … [Read more...]

360 Panorama from Mars has been a part of Google Earth for nearly four years, when their panoramas were first added to the [Gallery] layer of Google Earth (it was later moved to the [Photos] layer). Members … [Read more...]