The Ground Truth project

We told you earlier in the week how the Google Maps data is not always 100% accurate. Google does, however, put in an extraordinary amount effort into making it the best it can be. Google originally … [Read more...]

Is the Leap Motion the next great Google Earth controller?

There are a variety of neat third-party devices to help you use Google Earth, but for me nothing has been greater than the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator. It's a simple device, but packs a lot of power … [Read more...]

Google Earth Explorer: A fun way to fly through Google Earth

Paul van Dinther is at it again, with another great Google Earth script for us to play with. You'll remember Paul from fun projects he's built such as Ships, Helicopters, and Drive the A-Team … [Read more...]

Android and Google Earth Technology

During the past year I have been sailing through the Caribbean and the south Pacific and, after 13,000 miles of sailing, arrived in New Zealand. Right now, I'm back in the US visiting friends and … [Read more...]

Geospatial Revolution: Episode One Released

Back in July, we told you about the Geospatial Revolution project that Penn State Public Broadcasting was putting together. They've now released the first episode and it's quite awesome. The first … [Read more...]

Google Earth For Sailors and Travelers

A big part of the experience of sailing around the world is meeting up with other sailors doing similar routes. In French Polynesia, we have had numerous opportunities to meet up with the crews of … [Read more...]

New GPS Satellites Launched

Every day, we rely a little more on GPS satellites for both work and pleasure. Along with items like your car GPS navigation system, many items in Google Earth (such as these ships, real-time air … [Read more...]

Links: Burj Dubai, Historical Imagery Updates, Updated EveryTrail App

Burj Dubai: The tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai Khalifa (Update: renamed after opening), opened to the public yesterday. At over 800 meters tall, it is by far the tallest building on … [Read more...]

Links: Audi A8 with Google Earth, Liquid Galaxy, Deer Hunting, StreetView in the snow

Audi A8 with Google Earth: The new Audi A8 comes with a lot of neat toys, including integrated Google Earth! The car connects to the internet via 3G, which it uses for a variety of purposes. It … [Read more...]

Links: Load KMZ files on handheld Garmin devices, video of NASA rocket crashing into the moon

Garmin has quietly released a pretty cool beta update for some of their devices; the Colorado, Oregon and Dakota, specifically. This update allows users to create image overlays in Google Earth, then … [Read more...]