Fun with Google Earth’s terrain exaggeration

If you ever get bored of Google Earth's 3D imagery, then a fun thing to try is changing the 'terrain exaggeration'. It is a setting found in Tools->Options->3D View->Terrain (PC) or Google … [Read more...]

People in Google Earth’s 3D imagery

While exploring Google Earth's 3D imagery, you will probably have noticed that even in the busiest cities, people are largely absent. This is because of the way the 3D imagery is captured. Based on … [Read more...]

Record satellite launch allows Planet to image the planet daily

A record breaking launch by India, on February 15th, 2017, put 104 satellites into orbit, including some 88 'Dove' satellites owned by satellite imaging company Planet. The previous record for 'most … [Read more...]

Oroville Dam crisis imagery

Over the past few days a crisis has played out surrounding the Oroville Dam in California.It started with a hole developing in the dam spillway (1). In response, the California Department of Water … [Read more...]

Google Earth VR wins a Lumiere Award

Google Earth VR was awarded the Century Award for VR in service of environmental enrichment.The Lumiere Awards (not to be confused with the Lumières Award (French film) or the Lumiere Awards … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Ghana and Senegal

Google has recently added Street View for the countries Senegal and Ghana. Some of the imagery is as old as 2015.Street View coverage for Ghana.Street View coverage for Senegal.The Great … [Read more...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Google Earth

Each year we celebrate Valentine's Day by having a look at either heart shaped objects or romantic messages in Google Earth. Last year we had a look at heart shaped islands around the world.This … [Read more...]

Protesting high speed rail with Google Earth

We recently came across this story about someone in the UK who decided to protest a planned high speed rail line that will go past his house by writing a message in his back yard. The high speed rail … [Read more...]

February 10/11, 2017 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and Comet

There will be a penumbral lunar eclipse this weekend on February 10 or 11 depending on which part of the world you live in.For studying eclipses, we used to recommend a site called 'HeyWhatsThat' … [Read more...]

Ancient earthworks in the Amazon

We recently came across this interesting story about ancient earthworks in the state of Acre, Brazil. Most versions of the story call the earthworks geoglyphs but technically, geoglyph should only … [Read more...]