A massive iceberg slowly forming – Larsen-C

For the past couple of years, scientists have been watching a crack slowly growing in Antarctica's fourth largest ice shelf Larsen-C. The location of the crack. The arrow shows the direction of … [Read more...]

Placemark popups in the new Google Earth

Today we are having a look at some things you should know if you are a KML creator with the new browser based Google Earth in mind - with a focus on placemark popups. First, we must note that the new … [Read more...]

The Kurbu-Tash and Ayu landslides in Kyrgyzstan

In March this year we had a look at landslides in Kyrgyzstan and noted just how frequent landslides there appear to be. Just a month after that post, two more major landslides occurred to the … [Read more...]

Calibration Targets 5: Around the World

This is part of a series on calibration targets. Today we are having a look at various calibration targets around the world. We start in India at the Shadnagar campus of the National Remote Sensing … [Read more...]

The Peru Floods with Google Earth

A couple of weeks ago we had a look at three different floods around the world, including Lima, Peru. However, the flooding in Peru was very extensive, so today we are looking at some other locations … [Read more...]

Secret Mars Base found in Google Maps

Thank you to GEB reader James for sending us this amazing find. If you go to this location in Google Maps / Mars, you will find an image of a secret Mars Base: After doing some research, we … [Read more...]

The Strange Sights of Jiayuguan

We were investigating China's new Silk Road that has been in the news recently (find various maps via Maps Mania), and we came across some strange shapes in the city of Jiayuguan, China. The most … [Read more...]

Calibration Targets 4: USA

This is the fourth in our series on calibration targets. Today we are having a look at a number of locations around the USA. The first is this interesting pattern at Fort Huachuca, Arizona: We came … [Read more...]

Calibration Targets 3: China

This is the third in our series on calibration targets. Note that such targets are used for both satellite imagery as well as imagery captured from aircraft. Today we are looking at some calibration … [Read more...]

How do you Move a Vast Imagery Archive?

Satellite imaging company DigitalGlobe recently wrote an interesting blog post about their vast archive of imagery and how they are moving it to the cloud. Some interesting statistics from the … [Read more...]