Google Earth automatically generated 3D areas

Thanks to GEB reader ‘ehog’ for letting us know that Győr, Hungary got the new 3D mesh recently.

Google first announced their method of generating 3D via stereophotogrammetry from aerial imagery in June 2012. As part of the announcement Google said that they expected this new technology to cover “communities of over 300 million people” by the end of the year. A year later, in July 2013, they were doing quite well and we counted around 150 cities with the new imagery. Progress continued, and in August 2013 Google announced that from October of that year they would no longer be pulling models from the Trimble 3D Warehouse as they wished to focus on more scalable methods.

This year we have covered the release of 3D imagery for Tokyo, and other Japanese cities, Christchurch, New Zealand, and London.

However, there has been no easy way to find the new automatically generated 3D areas that Google is adding to Google Earth. Google has not, as far as I am aware, ever released a KML with the locations as it often does for new satellite imagery.

Google has a list that can be found here. However, it is far from complete and even has some incorrect entries such as Forli, Italy which does not have the new imagery. It doesn’t even have some well known locations such as London, UK, which do have the new imagery.

The Wikipedia page for Google Earth also has a list of the new 3D areas, although it relies on helpful people noticing new areas and updating the list, and it, too, is not completely accurate. It does not, at the time of writing, include Győr, Hungary, and does not have all the entries from the Google list, such as Olbia, Italy, for example.

3D Mesh Map

So, we decided to create a KML file combining all the locations from the Wikipedia page, and the list from Google, and a couple of extras that aren’t in either list. And here it is!

We have included locations as given in the two lists, as well as the regions covered by 3D. We have made the KML a network link so that we can continually update it as we discover new areas.

Note that we have not included places that have the older type of automatically generated buildings that load as individual buildings. The newer method loads as a single mesh covering a whole area. Also note that the older type of 3D model does not display in ‘Earth Mode’ in the new Google Maps.

The best coverage is in California, and the worst is in Africa and Asia. Alaska is, I think, the only US state with no locations covered, but with its largest community, Anchorage, having an estimated 298,610 residents in 2012, maybe it didn’t quite make the cut.

If you know of any places not in the KML, please let us know in the comments below.

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Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Nothing happens when I click on the link for the KML file.

  2. José Gonçalves says

    You should add Lisbon in Portugal

  3. The suburbs of Ioannina city in Greece! Unfortunatelly not the city itself.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thank you, a new country!
      I have added it to the map, right click on the network link and select ‘refresh’ to see updates.

  4. Add Oshkosh, Appleton, and the rest of the “Fox Cities” in Wisconsin. Still no Milwaukee or Green Bay.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      I have added it to the map, right click on the network link and select ‘refresh’ to see updates.

  5. Szombathely, Győr, In Hungary are missing.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thank you, I don’t know how I forgot Győr, after mentioning it in my post!
      I have added both to the map, right click on the network link and select ‘refresh’ to see updates.

  6. Hinesville, GA (USA 🙂

  7. …and Cuiabá, Brazil (staduim area only)

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      I see all the World Cup stadiums have coverage of various sizes. I will be adding them.

      • Jonathan Rosas says

        In Natal, When 3D Cities imagery is active, The Arena Das Dunas, in Natal, it does have a odd effects and disappears and now is under Construction and is not finished, before the Arena Das Dunas was completed but now is Under Construction.
        In Manaus, Brazil, the delimiting line from 2D to 3D imagery is missing, in Manaus, the Only 3D Zone is the Arena Amazonia and their Arena.
        In Porto Alegre, before the Beira Rio Stadium was Finished, and now is Under Construction.

  8. I wonder why Google avoids capital cities and important tourist places like: Prague, Berlin, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Vienna, Warsaw, Washington DC, Frankfurt (Main), Hamburg, Amsterdam, Milan, Monaco, Stockholm, Grand Canyon Village – but has time to fly and gather photos over small cities in Romania or Hungary (no offence 🙂 and even there we don’t have 3D mesh of Budapest. In what order do they do it? Where is the logic?

    • Does local sponsorship i.e. money play a part, plus local feelings about intrusion into privacy such as Street View has found in Germany and Austria?

    • Maybe they need more time to process the imagery, beacuse f.ex. Budapest (and its agglomeration) is approximately 4-5 times bigger than any other cities in Hungary. But I really don’t know, why Google captured Sighişoara, in Romania, that city has only 30000 residents…

    • I would be nice if Google did a little explaining on the behind-the-scenes on their Lat Long Blog. I am totally perplexed about this.

  9. Timothy – a very helpful and welcome post. Good to see GEB moving into practical subjects like this. Have you edited Wikipedia including a link to your KML?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      No I have not. You are welcome to do so, and anyone is welcome to update the Wikipedia list with information from our KML.

  10. Add Hinesville, GA United States

  11. How did you manage to find the actual boundaries of the 3D areas? That seems like a lot of work to delineate all of them unless there was already some dataset available. Regardless, I’m still glad it’s included.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      It was a lot of work. But given the positive responses so far, I think it was worthwhile.

  12. Here you have some places I miss in the KML:
    Spain: All the area between Sant Feliu de Guixols and Palamós (both included)
    France: La Rochelle and Clermont – Ferrand

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thanks. I have added the Spanish area. The French locations are the older type of 3D buildings.

      • Hey Timothy!, you’re right about the french locations!, but believe me!, I’m 100% sure that they were the new 3D type some weeks ago, I’ve even delimite the area!, it’s quite weird… maybe they were only testing?

        Anyway, thanks for this nice klm!

  13. They added Evora, Caldas da Raihna, Obidos and Torres Vedras (Potugal)

  14. Nice work Timothy. Thanks for doing the poly outlines. I did a map of these for Australia, but it only needed 4 places outlined!

    Missing… Big Bear Lake, CA.

    Also, Santa Cruz, Yuba City and Truckee, CA are showing as white filled polygons.

    I don’t suppose you could do a layer, which just has the poly outlines and not the labels?
    Only because the compete with the normal Labels.
    Or may re-organise the layer into “Outlines” and “Labels” so we can easily check/uncheck one or the other? Just a suggestion.


    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thank you.
      I have implemented your suggestion. It makes it a little harder to look at all the items for one country / state, but it certainly is nice to be able to see only the regions.
      I hope I didn’t loose any places in the process.

      • very nice!

        I assume the idea is to maintain this in sync with the current 3D Imagery layer in Earth.

        You may want to record a “last checked” or “added on” date in the Info section?

        Having time ranges with the layer would be cool so you could see how the 3D Imagery has grown over time. It’s probably too late for the community to do this now.

        May want to investigate sharing this thru Google Maps Engine

  15. This is a very helpful kml. Thanks.
    One question: Nuremberg is still not avialable…. I saw a few mouths ago, I found also in the GE buildings in 3d list at Wikipedia (still in the list), but its missing…. 2d again since 2 mounths. Do you know maybe why?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      It has the older style of 3D buildings. I suspect someone just made a mistake when updating Wikipedia.

      • Nuremberg had auto-generated mesh back in July. The same was true for La Rochelle, Clermont-Ferrand and Nashville. Google seems to withdraw some areas after they’ve been added. Nashville has been withdrawn twice.

  16. Since we – “the googeearthblog community” 🙂 now have the most accurate and out to date list of areas covered by 3D mesh (even better than Wikipedia) don’t let this post disappear (behind next articles). Since we want people to constantly report new 3d areas – let’s make it a front page link!!! (like HOME ABOUT CONTACTS etc…)

  17. City of “Sines, Portugal” the unique city for now having the new 3d in Portugal

  18. The Farmington-Novi area northwest of Detroit has auto-generated imagery, as does the Humble-Spring
    area north of Houston.

    • My sister and brother-in-law used to live on Westerleigh Rd. in Farmington Hills. Last I checked, it was still flat (Detroit’s 3D pretty much stops at 8-Mile). So this is fairly new. Much of the Northern suburbs are still flat.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thanks. Done.

  19. Add Fort Worth, TX

  20. This is a very helpful KML, must have took pretty long to make it that detailed 🙂

  21. The poly outline is missing a chunk of 3d imagery on the peninsula just West of North Richmond (North Bay Area, SF).

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thanks. Fixed. That’s an odd strip of data that must have been done separately from the rest.

  22. Like “bubollofo” said. We should not let this post disappear. Finally we have a complete list of all cities with the new 3D-imagery. I tried this for myself last month but with cooperation between many people we will have a “completed” list that can be updated as soon we see any new 3d-imagery 🙂
    Dont let this KML be lost!

  23. The Historical Imagery layer has not been updated in weeks. Ridiculous.

  24. Lincolnton, NC Has the 3D Mesh Imagery

  25. Oslo now has bigger coverage than before. PS. I have big blur over half of Oslo city center in my Google Earth (but not in Google Maps) – is just me? Its the only city with this problem. Any tips?

    • Unfortunately, it’s not just you. It appears to be be the Landsat base imagery showing through where there should be 3d imagery. The same phenomenon occurs in two small areas just west of Beaumont, California.

    • I have the blur problem in Oslo as well.

    • I presume I see what you see in Oslo. I haven’t seen anything quite like that elsewhere, but I do occasionally run across spots where the 3D imagery only begins to render, then stops before completing the job. One such area that I can point to is along the Western shores of Lake Lansing, in Michigan (where the amusement part used to be). It’s east and a little north of East Lansing. One tile just never gets beyond the initial rendering phase. It’s surrounded by normal 3D, and not at the edge of the automatically-generated area. The surface of the lake seems to also be treated as a depression.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thanks. I too am seeing the blurry patch, which can’t have been there when I did Oslo before, so it must have happened when they expanded the area.

  26. True, Oslo has a bigger covered area now:

    I tried to do the same job months ago, but it really is a great deal of work. Thank you Timothy.
    I used a white square to let the 3D data visually pop-up. I don’t know how you did and if it goes quickly than with my method.

  27. Timothy Whitehead says

    I also found odd effects at 48° 8’52.61″N 122°13’53.62″W down the top left side of the Everett / Seattle area. When you are zoomed out, there is clearly 3D imagery, but as you zoom in, some of the 3D imagery disappears. I have not yet checked whether it is only on my computer.

  28. BTW because new 3d cities/areas are being added almost every day – if you want to follow – visit:

    These are Google Earth Wikipedia article list of LATEST edits – and 90% of them are NEW 3d cities being constantly spotted and updated by Wiki editors.

  29. Just in: Davis, California.

  30. Also Victorville, CA

  31. Livermore and Salinas CA

  32. More California: the Woodland Hills/Chatsworth/Simi Valley area northwest of Los Angeles.

  33. Expanded coverage north of New york City

  34. They added Milan, Piacenza, Pavia and Syracuse in Italy, and Auxerre, Montpellier, Carcassonne and Strasboug in France

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      I saw the update on the Wikipedia page, but none of those locations appear to be the new type of 3D mesh. Are you referring to the older type of automatically generated buildings, or did they add them temporarily and remove them again, or has the update not reached all users yet?

  35. And also Stavanger, Norway was added.

  36. Norrköping, Sweden was added!

  37. Växjö (Sweden) and Karlstad (Sweden)

  38. Also Auckland, New Zeeland

  39. This has been a big week: Dublin, Ajaccio (Corsica), Oklahoma City and Memphis (TN).

  40. Timothy Whitehead says

    I will be adding Bordeaux, France, the first location I have actually found on my own!
    And Clermont-Ferrand, Albi, Roanne, Tarbes, Vannes, all in France.
    Antwerp, Belgium.

    • This is cool because this means Google are updating irregularly. Yesterday I was looking in Bordeaux and Antwerpen and at that time there were no 3D-imagery in those cities.

  41. Timothy Whitehead says

    Also thanks to Wikipedia editor Uricm55 for Montauban, France.

  42. Stuttgart, Germany was added today!

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thank you.

      I have also found Esbjerg, Denmark and Argostolion, Greece. There is probably a lot more we haven’t found yet!

      Cuenca and Jerez, Spain.

      Laval, France.

      Gujan-Mestras, La Rochelle, Quimper, France.

      Schweinfurt, Germany.

      La Roche-sur-Yon, France – From Wikipedia
      Alexandria, LA, USA – From Wikipedia

      Cholet, France

  43. Esbjerg must have been also added today, I checked it yesterday and there has been no mesh.

  44. Bergen, Norway did it too today! 🙂

  45. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Goiânia, Brazil. I dont know whether there are new imagery or not. Maybe we have missed it from another update.

  46. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Albacete, Spain

  47. Hi again, Timothy!, a new one, Santarem in Portugal.

  48. They added Ravena in Italy

  49. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Brive-la-Gaillarde, France
    Beauvais, France
    Saint-Quentin, France

  50. The northern part of Sardinia (Italy) has been updated, looks like a quite large area containing La Maddalena, Palau, Cannigione and others.

  51. San Francisco got new mesh and the area increased a bit, covering now also Bonita Cove and Rodeo Cove

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Thanks. Is there any way to tell which bit got new mesh?

      • Dont know, I just realised its new in the northern parts of city centre (from Golden Gate Park towards north), quality seems to be improved. Southern parts still have the “old” mesh. I dont think there is a possibility to switch between old and new. Google doesnt seem to inform much about, unfortunately…

  52. And newly discovered: Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy)

  53. haha…they didn’t even cover all Western-European capital cities – but they did San Francisco second time – google logic.

    • Someone in Mountain View is paying attention – Berlin has been added. I’m a bit surprised; I thought Warsaw and Stockholm would appear first, since there was oblique imagery for those cities in Google Maps last summer, and there wasn’t for Berlin. The coverage area for Berlin is good, too (unlike London).

    • Florin Arnautu says

      Why are you only focusing on western european cities an criticise the fact that there were mapped eastern euopean cities before some of the “western”. What is your criterion of priority? Ignorance is a desease. Maybe the most severe 😉

  54. ChrisAjayi says

    Visalia, Porterville, Selma. All in California

  55. Don’t know how you figure out new areas, but my “trick” is to be in a viewing distance of 30-50 km and then constantly turning on and off the 3d buildings layer while slowly moving with the space navigator (you also could move the globe and keep it constantely rolling while turning the layer on and off). As Google is using different ground imagery for the 3D mesh, you can easily see if there is one.

    • That’s a good trick.
      In addition to your trick, I use a kml file with a 120° super wide field of view. With it, you can see a lot more at a time.

      • That sounds interesting Sebastien, can you tell more about that kml?

        • It’s very easy: record a tour via the camcorder icon in the upper bar. This tour doesn’t need to move or even last a second, just start and stop it. Save it to the GE side bar normaly. Save the tour by right-clicking it to your desktop as a KML file (not KMZ), then open the kml file with Notepad. Just replace in this line below the 59 value by 119 (keep the .999999999999) and save.

          For tasks where a wide view is usefull like in this thread, I use 119°.
          For everyday navigation, I found 89 to be pleasant. Everything above can mess with your brain 🙂

        • Sorry, the line is this one:

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      What I do is draw a polygon over the whole continent with a yellow fill and 50% opacity. Then when you are over a 3D area and low enough altitude, it shows through the polygon very clearly. However I need to be at an eye altitude of under 10km so your method may allow faster coverage.

  56. Berlin and parts of Potsdam (Germany) have been added today 🙂

  57. As I could see from Wikipedia I also confirm Freiburg (Germany)

  58. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Osaka (Japan) has the new 3D-imagery. I am not sure whether it was added now or weeks ago.

  59. Nuremburg (Germany) returned in 3D

  60. And new areas between Orlando and Loughman (Florida), including the Disney World resort.

  61. Le Mans

  62. The newly added northern parts of San Francisco have been why-so-ever removed.
    The same happended to Nuremberg (Germany) some weeks ago, before it reappeared this week.

  63. New (according to Wikipedia): Brumunddal (Norway) and Arezzo (Italy)

  64. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Gjøvik and Raufoss in Norway added.

  65. Also Allegan (Michigan, US)

  66. ChrisAjayi says

    Canyon Lake Texas and Tullahoma Tennessee

  67. ChrisAjayi says

    Also San Clemente California

  68. ChrisAjayi says

    Eudora, Kansas, Centennial, Colorado and Walnut Creek, California

  69. Nilsiä (Finland)

  70. ChrisAjayi says

    Springfield, Illinois

  71. San Fernando Valley (north of LA). The area includes Burbank, San Fernando and Van Nuys.

  72. Pasadena (California)

  73. And Sherman (Texas)

  74. Gilroy (CA)

  75. Hey, my fellow 3d-mesh obsessed. Does the KML file with the mesh covered areas automatically update itself whenever the author changes/adds something or how does that work?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      I didn’t set any automatic refreshing in the KML so I think you have to right click and select ‘refresh’ to get the latest.

      • Right click on what exactly? Sorry, I don’t really know much about all that stuff.

        • Timothy Whitehead says

          Right click on the line that says ‘Map of places with autogenerated 3D Imagery’ and then click ‘Refresh’ in the menu that appears.

  76. Got it. Thanks!

  77. Reims, France
    Source: Wikipedia (confirmed)

  78. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Linares (Spain)

  79. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Hamar (Norway)
    It looks like Google think this particular area in Norway is very important!

    • I seriously do not understand why they do what they do. Why Hamar? Why not Helsinki, Warsaw or Prague?

  80. And more in Norway: Ski and As

  81. Ottawa, Ontario/Aylmer, Quebec Canada

  82. Florence, Italy also

  83. Kristiansand, Norway. Terni, Brescia Italy

  84. Toluca, Mexico

  85. Pordenone, Italy

  86. Vittoria and Comiso, Italy

  87. Brescia, Italy

  88. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Helsingborg (Sweden)

  89. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Algeciras, Spain (half the city)

  90. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Thousand Oaks, CA
    White Center / Bryn Mawr-Skyway / Newcastle, WA
    Tucson, AZ (extended areas)

  91. Not sure if of anyone’s concern but there’s a part south of the center of Seville, Spain without the 3d mesh but with the older type of 3d-buildings.

    • It actually makes a perfect square. You can spot it better by turning on and off 3d buildings really quicky.

  92. Anton Rudolfsson says

    I see, strange! Maybe they are fixing that area,

  93. A large area north of Atlanta including Roswell is now modeled with the new mesh. As is Shizuoka, Japan.

  94. Hi, small tweak – the outline near Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy, clips through a coastline which now has 3D Imagery.

  95. New Philadelphia, Ohio

  96. Lewiston, New York, Queenston, Ontario and a large extension to the Buffalo Imagery.

  97. Dresden, Germany has the 3d mesh now

  98. And also Bergamo (Italy)

  99. Sylacauga, Alabama; Derby and Belfast (GB)

  100. Forli, Andria, Bari, Brindisi (all Itlay)

  101. Timothy Whitehead says

    Utera and Aranjuez, Spain from Google’s map as mentioned in today’s post.

  102. Bamberg, Germany

  103. Hanover, Germany

  104. Hey, so I just now saw something kinda funny and interesting.

    You might already have found out yourself but you might not so I’m trying to explain it here.

    I don’t know if it only occurs to me but I don’t have the fastest internet connection and when I zoom in really quickly using the right click on my mouse it looks like the areas right next to where the 3d mesh outline ends are still starting to load more 3d buildings but almost instantly after, it disappears and it goes right back to normal satellite photos.

    Makes me think that those areas around the now available and published 3d mesh are also “available” but not published by Google yet. I saw that when checking out my house in Coswig, Germany, which is right next to Dresden, and misses being covered in 3d by only a kilometer or so…

    I don’t know if you got what I was trying to say, I lived in the U.S. for a year but my English still isn’t the best but if you did you should check it out.

    Just thought I’d share that here,



    • It looks like a VERY VERY blurry 3d mesh but then goes back to being a satellite photo.

      Just in case you weren’t getting it.

      Sorry for spamming so hard today

  105. Hamm, Germany

  106. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Here are all areas with new 3D-imagery (from Google’s map) that have been added:


    GERMANY: Hamm, Hildesheim, Bamberg, Hannover

    SWITZERLAND: Schaffhausen

    FRANCE: Narbonne

    Italy: Sanremo, Trento, Udine, Latina, Aosta, Bolzano, Crotone, Catanzaro
    Southern part of Province of Varese
    Northeastern part of Province of Milano
    Western part of Province of Como
    Southeasten Part of Province of Novara

    Norway: Tønsberg, Sandefjord, Larvik, Harstad

    Sweden: Borås

    Finland: Jyveskylä

    Spain: San Roque

    Romania: Sibiu


    California: Fairfield, Vacaville, El Sobrante, Pinole, Rodeo

    Arizona: Yuma & Fortuna Foothills

    Tennessee: Germantown

    Mexiko: Tijuana

  107. Alesund and Molde, Norway

  108. Area from Calvi to Losari (Corsica) France

  109. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Norway: Jorstadmoen, Lillehammer (Extended area)
    France: Artiguelouve, Pau (Extended area)

    Nevada: Black Rock City
    Arizona: Chino Valley, Prescott (Extended area)
    Texas: Southton, San Antonio (Extended area )
    Louisiana: Lafayette
    Alabama: Fort Mitchell, Columbus (Extended area)
    South Carolina: Lancaster
    Pennsylvania: Du Bois

  110. New York City got higher quality updates

  111. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Nashville (TN) and surrounding areas has appeared on Google’s map as several dots. However, they are not in 3D yet so you guys can keep an eye on that area!

  112. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Jönköping (Sweden) got 3D-imagery today!

  113. Anton Rudolfsson says

    A huge area north of Milano (Italy)
    Genua (Italy)

  114. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Brno (Czech Republic)

  115. Torbay (UK)

  116. Jena, Germany

  117. Cottbus, Germany

  118. Mississauga, Vaughan, North York, Brampton and Etobicoke Ontario, Canada

  119. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Santa Barbara, CA + small expansions of various areas in California.

  120. Chris Ajayi says

    Boise, Caldwell-Nampa in Idaho

  121. Trieste (Italy)

  122. Timothy Whitehead says

    Tromsø (Norway)

  123. Already mentioned by someone, but still not in the kmz: Santa Barbara CA. BTW: Thank you Timothy, great work!

  124. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Bodø, Norway

  125. Sion, Switzerland

  126. Please add this Bacolor, Central Luzon, Philippines

    • Hi t0tep, this post is not for REQUESTING imagery. But simply for listing location which ALREADY have Google’s 3D Imagery. Thanks.

  127. Chris Ajayi says

    Toronto, Canada. FINALLY!

  128. Erfurt, Germany

  129. and FINALLY Amsterdam, Netherlands

  130. Chris Ajayi says

    Santa Fe, NM
    Chandler and Tempe, AZ

  131. Anton Rudolfsson says

    West Covina and Pomona (Los Angeles area)

  132. Fréjus, France

  133. Luzern, Switzerland

  134. also Chur, Switzerland

  135. Cannes (France) area (from Frejus to Nice)

  136. and from Frejus – west (along the sea) to Cavalaire-sur-Mer (including inter alia: Saint-Tropez, Port Cogolin, Sainte Maxime)

  137. Also: Blackpool, UK

  138. Antioch, CA

  139. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

  140. ChrisAjayi says

    Langley, BC Canada

  141. Huge area east of Vancouver, Canada including the cities of Maple Ridge, Langley and White Rock

  142. And the subburbs of Kerkira, Greece

  143. The entire city of Cuiabá in Brazil has been added

  144. Still missing that area near Kerkira, Greece on the KML file

  145. Strip between Predeal and Campina, Romania

  146. Chris Ajayi says

    Barrie, Bradford, Innisfil, Keswick Ontario, Canada

  147. Würzburg, Germany

  148. Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

  149. Chris Ajayi says

    Blackburn, Exeter, Colchester UK

  150. Chris Ajayi says

    Vicenza, Italy

  151. Ourense, in Spain

  152. Lugano, Switzerland (Campione, Italy)

  153. Bangor, Northern Ireland, UK

  154. chrisajayi says

    Nashua, NH
    Fall River and New Bedford, MA
    Winchester and Newport News, VA

  155. ChrisAjayi says

    Dunn, NC
    Bountiful, UT

  156. Truckee, CA (USA) seems to have gone back to flat aerial imagery.

  157. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Beaufort, SC

  158. Büsingen am Hochrhein, Germany

  159. The new “outlines” are not very efficient. In fact, it covers what I’m having the KML file for… I think it was better as it was before

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      The old style outlines are still available. Just click on ‘Sorted by country’. I may switch that to being the default depending on feed back from readers.

      • That’s good to see both, though what is the point with filled area? It gives a sense of the current coverage, is that all?
        I think, newbies could get frustrated with your file if they don’t find the “sorted by countries” first.

  160. That’d be me. Can’t find that “sorted by countries”.

    And I share Sebastien’s opinion. I’m always up for something new. Maybe it’s better, though, to have the old stile as default.

  161. Timothy Whitehead says

    Beja, Portugal. From GEB reader via email.

  162. New areas Europe that I found so far:

    Chemnitz, Germany
    Vienna, Austria (finally)

  163. I really like the new outlines! *thumbs up*

  164. Chris Ajayi says

    Salem, OR

  165. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Oak Harbor, WA
    Cedar Park (Austin update), TX

  166. ChrisAjayi says

    Brighton, England

  167. ChrisAjayi says

    Surprise, AZ
    San Tan Valley (Phoenix Extension)

  168. Chris Ajayi says

    Extensions to the imagery of Ottawa, Canada now encompassing Gatineau, Quebec

  169. Timothy Whitehead says

    Google have updated their map with new locations:

  170. Extensions to Napoli reagion (Italy), including Pozzuoli and the islands of Ischia and Procida

  171. Nigel Coxon says

    Annoyingly, the 3D layer for Huddersfield doesn’t cover my house – literally stops the other side of the road!

  172. Nigel Coxon says
  173. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Here are all areas with new 3D-imagery (from Google’s map) that have been added:

    Greece: Mikonos
    Bulgaria: Yambol
    Denmark: Vejle
    Spain: Roquetas de Mar
    Italy: Pozzuoli (Naples), Ischia
    Japan: Sagamihara (Tokyo)
    Canada: Sainte-Catherine (Montreal)

    • Peter Leineweber says

      Yes, Vejle (Denmark) was in 3D for a short while, but for now it is gone again. Only a very blurry satellite image is left

  174. You might wonna fix that outline in Mikonos, Greece

    The area around the airport doesnt have the mesh, strangely so.

  175. The Hoover dam area connected to Boulder city just got 3d mesh.

  176. Chris Ajayi says

    Updated Imagery and Expanded Coverage for:
    Boulder City now covers the Hoover Dam
    Reno, NV
    St. George, UT

  177. Just realized that the “new” 3d mesh in Vienna must be more than two years old. You can see the DC Tower Skyscraper barely under construction although it was finished October 2013! Crazy that it took them so long to release it.

  178. Also – and I don’t want to make something like a picky impression on you guys but – as a German I just wanted to say that in the coverage area of Mannheim in Germany there’s also a placemarker set for the cities of Speyer and Weinheim. However, I can promise you those cities are nothing but suburbs that were lucky receiving coverage, instead the cities of Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg are in fact well known German major cities that do deserve to have a placemarker. I know that Speyer and Weinheim are also mentioned in the Wikipedia article but just like I said, I don’t see why.

    The reason why I say this is because I love this KML file and I can’t imagine my Google Earth without it because I find Google’s 3d mesh awfully fascinating and I am always looking for a way to improve the file by posting on this page.

    And last but not least, I wanted to ask wether, when I see some incorrect outlines, if you want me to tell you like I did when I saw it in Mikonos, Greece. I saw a couple missplaced ones before and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to seem like the grumpy offensive German stereo-type. lol

    have a good one

  179. Modena, Italy area has been expanded by a little

  180. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Bonsall & Fallbrook, CA

  181. Oxnard, CA
    Bellingham, WA
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Peru, IL
    Liverpool, England
    Portsmouth, England
    Londonderry, Northern Ireland
    Dundalk, Ireland

    And probably more!

  182. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Sweden: Örebro
    Norway: Hortens kommun, Haugesund, Sylling, Tranby
    Germany: Bayreuth
    Italy: Venedig

  183. Saint Gallen, Switzerland
    Dortmund, Germany

  184. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Brandon, FL

  185. Leira, Portugal

  186. Saarbrücken, Germany

  187. Venice, Italy

  188. Hilo, Hawaii
    Lahaina, Hawaii

  189. Sacramento international airport area is filled in with 3d mesh now.

  190. Expansion and updated imagery for Buffalo and Pittsburgh

  191. Timothy Whitehead says

    Placerville, CA

  192. Additions and updated imagery to Colorado springs, Colorado

  193. Timothy Whitehead says

    Expansion to Merced, CA

  194. The Surprise, AZ imagery is far more expansive now, covering from Buckeye to the Phoenix imagery

  195. Anton Rudolfsson says

    According to Wikipedia: Cheltenham, Great Britain

  196. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Vitória, Vila Velha (Espírito Santo, Brazil)

  197. The Dublin 3D-imagery is gone

  198. Nashville is back in 3d!!!

  199. Gig harbour, Washington
    Kent, Washington

  200. SeaTac, Washington

  201. Cologne, Germany

  202. Hull, England

  203. Logroño (Spain), Brasov (Romania), Bologna (Italy), Albufeira, Portimão, Faro (all Portugal)

  204. Cambridge, UK and surrounding area now 3D.

  205. Expansion to the East of Sacramento
    Update to Corvallis, OR now covering Lebanon, OR

  206. Castres, France

  207. Atlantic beach, Florida

  208. Kongsberg, Norway

  209. Hi, Timothy please add Larissa,Greece.

  210. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Half Moon bay / Moss Beach / El Granada (San Francisco mesh)
    Eastern part of Mesa / Apashe Junction / Gold Canyon (Phoenix mesh)

    Unfortunately, I see many parts of 3D-imagery areas all around the world that have been removed. For example Great Neck, NY. I suspect that Google have updated those areas and hence those changes. If someone figure it out what is happening, please tell me!

  211. Bergisch Gladbach in the Cologne area has over 100,000 people living there. Definetely worth being added as placemarker.

    Also the Northern and Eastern part of the Adelaide area in Australia has been removed by quite a bit.

  212. Timberwood park, Texas

  213. Manchester, England

  214. Columbus, Ohio
    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Allentown, Pennsylvania

  215. Waipahu, Hawaii

  216. Baltimore, Maryland

  217. Hagerstown, MD
    Updated and expanded imagery for Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  218. Lake Wales, Florida

  219. Plsen, Czech Republic
    Katowice, Poland (NEW COUNTRY)
    Trier, Germany
    Siegen, Germany
    Scafati, Italy (extending Naples area)
    Blois, France
    Iasi, Romania

  220. *Plzen, Czech Republic

  221. + Salerno, Itay

  222. + Santiago de Compostela, Spain

  223. Forest hill, Texas

  224. Baytown, Texas

  225. Cinco ranch, Texas
    Mission bend, Texas

  226. Arnold, Missouri

  227. Apex, North Carolina

  228. Minden, Louisiana

  229. Anton Rudolfsson says

    St. Louis, MO

  230. Santos (Brazil)

  231. Heilbronn, Germany

  232. Hey Timothy,
    The KML file is not working for me anymore. Already re-downloaded it.
    The features simply don’t show up.

    The file icon has a red circle in front of it that is usually green, I think. But my internet connection is working.

    Do you know how I can fix this?

    Have a nice weekend!


  233. bubollofo says

    The KML file not working for me too (today). Yesterday it was ok.

  234. Its not working for me too.

  235. ChrisAjayi says

    Torrevieja, Spain

  236. Linz, Austria update and (extended area)

  237. Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    Turin, Italy

  238. Timothy Whitehead says

    Zagreb, Croatia – from a GEB reader via email

  239. Prague, Czech Republic

  240. Prage (Czech Republic) and Middlesbrough,(England)

  241. Ipswich (England)

  242. ChrisAjayi says

    Niagara Falls, Welland, St. Catherines and Port Colborne ON
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    • Milwaukee still has the old type of 3d buildings for me. Maybe they were just testing.

  243. Pforzheim and Oldenburg, Germany

    Chicago, IL, has been removed

  244. ChrisAjayi says

    Ontario and Fontana, Auburn Lincoln and Roseville, Vallejo, all in California
    Expansion to the St. Louis Imagery

  245. Benevento, Italy

  246. Update and expansion to Miami

  247. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Expansion to the Bay Lake and Loughman imagery, FL
    St. Cloud, FL

  248. ChrisAjayi says

    Update and Expansion to Charlotte, NC

  249. Hey Timothy, you forgot to add Pforzheim, germany in your update. 😉

  250. Hey Timothy, Yellowstone National Park, WY

  251. Timothy, thank you so much for your work.

  252. Houston,TX updated and extended area

  253. Laplace, Norco, Taft, Luling and Reserve Louisiana

  254. Jackson, Mississippi updated and extended area

  255. ChrisAjayi says

    Murfreesboro and Smyrna, TN

  256. Wolfsburg, Germany

  257. Bedford, GB

  258. Lincoln, England

  259. ChrisAjayi says

    Update and expansion to Hartford, CT
    Oak Island, Ocean Isle Beach, NC
    Dentsville, SC
    Calhoun, GA
    Seguin, TX
    Hallsville, TX
    Iowa City, IA
    Sevierville, TN
    Douglas, AZ
    Rio Rico, AZ
    Show Low, AZ
    Moses Lake, WA
    Maple Valley, WA

  260. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Sète, France

  261. Raleigh, North Carolina updated and extended area

  262. *Cosenza, Italy
    has an extended urban area that goes till Marano (West) and Montalto Uffugo / Settimo (North)

    I wish you can add all

  263. bubollofo says

    Cosenza, Italy is not in 3D

  264. Anton Rudolfsson says

    According to Google’s map:
    El Ejido (Spain)
    Dornbirn, Bregenz (Austria)
    Nishi, Kako, Tarumi and other cities in the area (Japan)
    Discovery Bay (San Fransisco, California)
    Spanish Springs (Reno, Nevada)

  265. Augsburg, Germany (update and slight expansion)

  266. Larvik, Norway extended area.
    Sandefjord, Norway extended area.
    Tønsberg, Norway extended area.

  267. Bergen, Norway updated and extended area.

  268. Rome,Italy extended area.

  269. Victoria, Canada updated and extended area.

  270. Murrieta,CA extended area.

  271. Boulder City, NV extended area.

  272. Reno, NV extended area.

  273. Temecula, CA extended area.

  274. Montreal, Canada extended area.

  275. Ottawa, Canada extended area.

  276. Warsaw, Poland

  277. + Coimbra (Portugal)
    + Valladolid (Spain)
    + Pescara (Italy)

    • Can confirm Coimbra, though it’s not showing in the kml (nor Valladolid) – guess it’s getting increasingly harder to keep up with the updates.

  278. + Granada (Spain)

  279. + Reggio Emilia (Italy)

  280. + Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

  281. + León (Spain)

  282. + Bournemouth, England

  283. + Klagenfurt (Austria)
    + Sliven (Bulgaria)

  284. ChrisAjayi says

    Warren, MI, Muskegon. MI
    Carson City, NV, Henderson, NV, North Las Vegas, NV
    Green Bay, WI
    Decatur, IL
    Gulfport, MS, Biloxi, MS, Pascagoula, MS, Bay St Louis, MS
    Expansion to Cincinnati, OH
    Update and Expansion to Boston, MA

  285. Raleigh, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  286. ChrisAjayi says

    Amarillo, TX, Allen, TX, Frisco, TX
    Eureka, CA, Mckinleyville, CA
    Expansion to Baltimore, MD
    Williamsport, PA

  287. Turlock,CA
    Modesto, CA extended area
    Oakdale, CA
    Stockton, CA extended area
    Denair, CA

  288. Portland,OR updated and extended area.

  289. Mount Vernon, WA updated and extended area.

  290. Spokane, WA updated and extended area.

  291. Evansville, Indiana extended area.

  292. Birmingham, Alabama updated and extended area.

  293. Nagoya, Ichinomiya, Gifu, and other cities in the area (Japan).

  294. Kobe, Hyogo, Suma Japan.

  295. Takasago, Himeji, Ibo and other cities in the area (Japan).

  296. Oceanside, CA

  297. El Cajon, CA

  298. Denver, Colorado updated and expanded area.

  299. Nice, France updated and extended area

  300. Hi, Timothy please add Savona, Italy

  301. Hi, Timothy Minden, Nevada

  302. Also please add Frisco and Allen, TX

  303. Is there any way of knowing when an area will be in 3D? I’ve been waiting for about a year for the expansion of the Connecticut coverage to include Bridgeport , New Haven, and Meriden. It hasnt happened yet. Im waiting

    • Unfortunately we don’t know. Seems like Google is keeping that a secret. There’s no “behind the scenes” that tells us what cities/locations are in progress or “coming soon” as far as I know.

  304. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Please be patient! It take some time to add all those cities to our KML-file.

  305. Naples, FL

  306. Sagamihara, Japan extended area

  307. Expansion to Liverpool/Merseyside, England

  308. ChrisAjayi says

    Savannah, GA

  309. Kobe, Japan extended area
    Osaka, Japan extended area
    Kyoto, Japan extended area

  310. Hi, Timothy please add Santiago, Chile.

  311. ChrisAjayi says

    Clearwater and St Petersburg, Florida

  312. Amiens, France

  313. Girona, Spain

  314. Vigo and Pontevedra, Spain

  315. + Huelva, Spain

  316. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Delft, Netherlands

  317. ChrisAjayi says

    Euless, Texas

  318. Hi, Timothy please add Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

  319. Hi, Timothy please add Burgas, Bulgaria.

  320. Hi, Timothy please add Shumen, Bulgaria.

  321. Hi, Timothy please add Constanta, Romania

  322. I don’t understand why Brussels, Belgium is still with the old 3D while almost all major cities around it are with the new mesh

  323. someone 1 says

    Koblenz, Germany

  324. Durham, North Carolina

  325. ChrisAjayi says

    Lancaster, York, Reading, PA
    Petersburg, VA

  326. ChrisAjayi says

    State College, PA
    New Braunfels, TX

  327. Vero beach, Florida

  328. Cleveland, Ohio extended area.

  329. Vancouver, Canada updated and extended area.

  330. Buenos Aires, Argentina right there to San Martin.

  331. Richmond, Virginia updated and extended area.

  332. Columbia, South Carolina updated and extended area.

  333. Detroit, Michigan updated and extended area.

  334. Ladner, British Columbia
    Delta, British Columbia
    Sunshine Hills, British Columbia

  335. Springdale, South Carolina
    Oak Dale, South Carolina

  336. Hi, Timothy please add Lecce, Italy.

  337. Hi, Timothy please add Vigegano, Pavia Italy.

  338. Hi, Timothy please add Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro Italy.

  339. Hi, Timothy please add Rovigo, Italy.

  340. Hi, Timothy please add Foligno, Italy

  341. + Novara, Italy

  342. Hi, Timothy please add Altamura, Bari Italy
    Hi, Timothy please add Gravina in Puglia, Bari Italy.

  343. Hi, Timothy please add Matera, Italy.

  344. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Kihei, Wailea-Makena (Hawaii)
    João Pessoa (Brazil)

  345. Kumamoto, and other cities in the area Japan.

  346. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Le Beausset, Sanary-sur-Mer (France)

  347. Jackson says

    Jacksonville, Florida

  348. Jackson says

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Finally”

  349. Arlington, Texas
    Grand Prairie, Texas
    Dalworthington, Texas
    Mansfield, Texas
    Cedar Hill, Texas
    Duncanville, Texas
    Euless, Texas extended area
    Forth Worth, Texas extended area.

  350. Southend-on-Sea, England

  351. Treviso, Italy

  352. ChrisAjayi says

    Myrtle Beach + Conway, SC
    Harrisburg, PA
    Davenport, IA

  353. Cosenza, Italy

  354. Ragusa, Italy

  355. Potenza, Italy

  356. Bielefeld, Germany
    Göttingen, Germany

  357. Cremona, Italy

  358. Southend-on-Sea, England

  359. Ferrol, Spain

  360. Imola, Italy

  361. Reims, France

  362. Rodrigo says

    Hyères, France

  363. Sorry! I think I’ve been a bit silly there.

  364. Alessandria, Italy

  365. Agrigento, Italy

  366. Faenza, Italy

  367. Charleville-Mezieres, France

  368. Ascoli Piceno, Italy
    Teramo, Italy

  369. Campobasso, Italy

  370. Belfort/Montbeliard, France

  371. Hyères, France

  372. Pula, Croatia

  373. Nuoro (Sardinia, Italy)

  374. ChrisAjayi says

    Pleasanton, TX

  375. Longview, Texas updated and extended area.

  376. Murrieta, CA extended area
    Menifee, CA extended area
    Sun City, CA
    Romoland, CA extended area
    Homeland, CA extended area

  377. Caltanissetta, Italy

  378. L’Aquila, Italy

  379. Asti, Italy

  380. Pesaro / Fano / Senigallia, Italy

  381. Timisoara, Romania

  382. Chalon-sur-Saone, France

  383. Dallas, TX updated and extended area
    Cockrell Hill, TX
    Irving, TX
    Grand Prairie, TX
    University Park, TX
    Farmers Branch, TX
    Coppell, TX
    North Branch,TX
    Richardson, TX
    Euless, TX updated and extended area.
    Arlington TX extended area.

  384. I think it’s been mentioned before but:
    Lubbock, TX

  385. ChrisAjayi says

    Brainerd, MN
    Jackson, MI
    Portsmouth, OH
    Pottsville, PA
    Bloomsburg, PA
    Beckley, WV
    Crestville, FL
    Leesburg, FL
    Winter Haven, FL
    Parkton, NC

  386. Port Elisabeth, South Africa!!!

  387. Hi, Timothy East London, South Africa new country !

  388. Hi, Timothy Rustenburg, South Africa.

  389. Hi, Timothy Uitenhage, South Africa.

  390. Hi, Timothy Pristina, Kosovo new country !

  391. Hi, Timothy Podgorica, Montenegro new country !

  392. Curry Village, CA
    Grass Valley, CA
    Sanger, CA

  393. Jackson says

    Midland, Texas updated and extended area.

  394. Jackson says

    Bellevue, Washington updated and extended area

  395. Jackson says

    Is it just me because if you go to north platte, Nebraska only the convention center is in 3d. I think it only works on a smartphone or tablet. But ya has anyone been experiencing this too?

  396. Jonathan Rosas says

    Hey Timothy! You can add Panama City (The Whole Metropolitan Area) Some cities of Panama Oeste like Chorrera, Arraijan and Capira, Coronado and Chame.
    Colon and The Whole Panama Canal Trail.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Hi Jonathan, This post is for letting us know about new 3D that is already in Google Earth and not for requests.

  397. Yosemite valley, CA

  398. Fairbanks, Alaska

  399. Timothy Whitehead says

    The blurred patch over Oslo seems to have finally been fixed.

    • The blur hasn’t gone away for me. Do you mean with the 3d mesh it has been fixed or with the imagery? Or both?

  400. In version 7.1.2 it was also still blurred for me. Updated to 7.1.4 and now its fixed 🙂

  401. Anton Rudolfsson says

    According to Google’s map:

    American Fork (Salt Lake City updated), United States
    Los Palacios y Villafranca (Sevilla updated), Spain
    Toyota (Nagoya updated), Japan
    Mito, Japan
    Maebashi, Japan

  402. Messina, Italy extended area.

  403. Badajoz, Spain extended area.

  404. Salamanca, Spain extended area.

  405. Lleida, Spain extended area.

  406. Trapani, Italy

  407. Viterbo,Italy

  408. La Spezia, Italy

  409. Bilbao, Spain

  410. Caen, France

  411. Hamburg,Germany

  412. Honolulu, Hawaii. Finally!

  413. Knoxville, Tennessee

  414. Newcastle, Australia

  415. Pittsfield, Massachusetts

  416. Florence, Italy updated and extended area.

  417. Parma, Italy extended area.

  418. San Antonio, CA
    Petaluma, CA extended area.

  419. San Antonio,CA
    Petaluma, CA extended area
    Bloomfield, CA
    Rohnert Park,CA extended area
    Sebastopol, CA extended area
    Neils Islands, CA

  420. ChrisAjayi says

    Gadsden, AL

  421. Hi, Timothy please add Chioggia, Veneto Italy.

  422. Marsala, Italy

  423. Lamezia Terme, Italy is not in 3d.

  424. Jaen, Spain is not in 3d.

  425. Eastern half of Almeria, Spain

  426. Eskilstuna, Sweden

  427. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Yokosuka (Tokyo updated)

  428. El Monte, CA
    Whittier, CA

  429. Split, Croatia

  430. Zadar, Croatia

  431. Helsinki, Finland

  432. Odense, Denmark

  433. Aalborg, Denmark

  434. Swansea, Wales

  435. Oulo, Finland

  436. ChrisAjayi says

    Midland and Saginaw, MI
    Plattsburgh, NY
    Keansburg, Rumson, Middletown, NJ
    Spartanburg, SC
    Spring Hill, FL
    Schertz, TX

  437. jonahtornado says

    Willimantic, CT went 3D

  438. ChrisAjayi says

    Columbia, TN
    Berea, Richmond, KY
    Watertown, Johnson Creek, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Whitewater, WI
    Santa Maria, CA

  439. Garland, TX (Dallas extanded)

  440. Jacksonville, Florida extended area

  441. Statesville, NC!

  442. Hi, Timothy Please add Cerignola, Apulia Italy.

  443. Alicante, Spain extended area

  444. ChrisAjayi says

    Ottawa, Marseilles, IL

  445. Sebastien says

    I recommand visiting the world’s greatest aircraft cemetery, “The Boneyard”, south east of Tucson, TX

  446. The area in between Pasadena, Glendale, and Los Angeles, CA

  447. Banning, CA

  448. Jonathan Rosas says

    Barcelona, Spain

  449. Jonathan Rosas says

    Anchorage, Alaska

  450. Sofia, Bulgaria

  451. Gijon and Oviedo (Spain)

  452. Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  453. Varna, Bulgaria

  454. Aarhus, Denmark

  455. Gela, Italy

  456. Tampere, Finland

  457. Pori, Finland

  458. Rapallo, Italy

  459. ChrisAjayi says

    Update and expansion to Wichita, KS

  460. Expansion to Dallas, TX area (near Duncanville and De Soto)

  461. Oklahoma City updated and extended

  462. Wichita, KS (extended)

    …and probably more

  463. Cascais, Estoril, Oeiras, Carcavelos, Sintra, Algueirao, etc…. (Portugal)

  464. Hi, Timothy. In outlines sorted by country, Manresa (Spain) is gone.

  465. Jonathan Rosas says

    The blurry glitch in oslo is now fixed?
    I have went to oslo in google earth and looks like that already is fixed and corrected the 3d mesh

  466. Alverca and Povoa (Portugal)

  467. Reggio Calabria, Italy updated and extended area.

  468. Hi Timothy, you can add please Lima Peru, located in South America, I hope your answer

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Hi Leonardo, we are not part of Google and do not add the 3D imagery ourselves. We are just monitoring what Google adds.

      • Leonardo says

        Thanks for replying, then, if the list of cities in Wikipedia is updated, and suppose “Lima Peru” auto-generated appears, you are upgrading to 3D images of the city ?, if I’m wrong, correct me

        Sorry for the bad English, I hope you understand, Greetings

        • We are not Google. We only monitor when we see that cities got updated in 3d. Both this list and the list in Wikipedia are having the cities added AFTER they’ve been spotted in Google earth. You CANNOT make request. No one can. The process of adding cities happens behind closed doors of Google and we do not know when they are added.

          Hope this helps your understanding,

          • Leonardo says

            Hello Johann, thank you for responding, I think I understood, that means that no one knows about it, when or at what point will update the cities from different countries to 3D images, thank you very much, and I removed the doubts, Greetings!

  469. ChrisAjayi says

    Butler, PA
    Bluefield, VA/Princeton, WV
    Dallas/Hyram, GA
    Raymond, MS
    Yuma, AZ updated and expanded area
    Albany, GA updated and expanded area

  470. Cocoa, Florida updated and extended area.
    Titusville, Florida updated and extended area.
    Cocoa West, Florida
    Rockledge, Florida
    Merrit Island, Florida
    Cocoa Beach, Florida
    Cape Canaveral, Florida
    Port Canaveral, Florida
    Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

  471. Ocala, Florida updated and extended area.
    Silver Springs Shores, Florida
    Belleview, Florida
    Summerfield, Florida
    Ocklawaha, Florida
    Zuber, Florida
    Martin, Florida
    Anthony, Florida
    Adams Hammock, Florida
    Marion, Florida

  472. Mobile, Alabama updated and extended area

  473. Hi, Timothy. In outlines sorted by country, Greenville, South Carolina is gone.

  474. Wichita, Kansas extended area.

  475. Mount Desert Island, Maine extended area.

  476. According to Google’s map:

    Zlin, Czech Republic
    Saint-Etienne, France extended
    Ghent, Belgium extended
    Charleroi Belgium extended
    Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain extended
    Logrono Spain extended
    Albany New York, USA extended
    Lynchburg ,Virginia, USA extended
    Florence ,Alabama, USA extended
    Tallahassee ,Florida,USA extended
    Mt Plymouth ,Florida, USA
    Sheboygan ,Wisconsin, USA extended
    Mankato ,Minnesota, USA extended
    Joplin ,Missouri, USA extended
    Indio, Cathedral City, Palm Springs ,California, USA extended

  477. Have a look at 3D Warsaw, Poland. Its central part is pretty well modelled, but the model does not cover even all downtown and on the edges difference in ground level reach 10 meters and more. 3D photo edges going across densly build-up areas with such error in elevation are horrible :-/

    Question is: which model is correct: the general (old) or the 3D photo (new one)? I made a short research and there is no such issue with other cities in Europe.

  478. Hi, Timothy,
    you can add please Ahmedabad, India

    • There seems to ba a common missunderstanding.

      Timothy does NOT create the 3d models himself, this blog-post is only there to monitor which cities have been added by Google. The comments you see above are not requests, they are simply to let Timothy know what cities have been newly updated to Google Earth so he can add those to the KML file which he has created. I recommend reading the whole post.

      This is blog is also not operated by Google.

      Requests for 3d areas CANNOT be made.

      – Johann

  479. venkatesh says

    how to calculate the entire saurface area for the building (including, height ,elevation and 3d modelling)

  480. + La Coruña (Spain)

  481. Braga, Portugal

  482. Des Moines, Iowa

  483. ChrisAjayi says

    Canton, OH
    Des Moines, IA
    Norman, OK
    West Bradenton/Longboat Key, FL
    Venice/Boca Grande, FL
    Vineland, NJ

  484. ChrisAjayi says

    The Villages, Florida

  485. Oxnard, CA is back

  486. ChrisAjayi says

    Chelmsford, England

  487. Setubal, Portugal

  488. ChrisAjayi says

    New Baltimore/Harrison Charter Township, MI

  489. Melbourne, Australia

  490. Lübeck, Germany

  491. ChrisAjayi says

    Gainesville, FL
    Palm Coast, FL
    A partial amount of Punta Gorda, FL
    Lakeland/Sun City Center, FL
    Lawrenceville, GA

  492. Atlantic city, new jearsey

  493. ChrisAjayi says

    Abilene, TX
    Wichita Falls, TX
    West end of Tulsa, OK
    Lincoln, NE updated and extended area
    Lakewood, WA
    Frederickson, WA
    Orting, WA

  494. Atlantic City, NJ

  495. El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

  496. ChrisAjayi says

    Winter Garden/Apopca, FL
    Northglenn, CO expansion

  497. Timothy Whitehead says

    New Orleans, update and minor expansion.

  498. Jonathan Rosas says

    Oakhurst, OK

  499. ChrisAjayi says

    Joliet, Oswego, Lemont, IL
    Sun City Center, FL

  500. Regensburg, Germany

  501. Murcia, Spain

  502. ChrisAjayi says

    Tacoma, WA

  503. ryaboisse says

    The Hamptons, NY

  504. ChrisAjayi says

    Gastonia, NC
    Concord/Huntersville, NC
    Gainesville, Lawrenceville, Loganville, GA
    Holly Springs, GA

  505. Atlantic City, NJ

    Lots of places in these areas
    Southampton, NY
    East Hampton, NY
    Montauk, NY
    Riverhead, NY

  506. ChrisAjayi says

    Poughkeepsie/Kingston, NY

  507. Why is the city of Crotone, Italy underwater? is this a glitch?

  508. Timothy Whitehead says

    Dublin is back although it is a smaller area than previously.

  509. Lisbon, Portugal

  510. Edinburgh, Scotland

  511. Many towns in western Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

  512. Mataro, Spain

  513. Sabadell and Granollers, Spain

  514. ChrisAjayi says

    Babylon, Brentwood, NY
    Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda, FL
    Tyler, TX
    Plano, TX
    Edmond, OK
    Kennewick, WA
    Provo/Spanish Fork, UT
    St. Charles, MO

  515. chrisajayi says

    Adrian, Michigan

  516. ChrisAjayi says

    Olga/Gateway, FL

  517. ChrisAjayi says

    Fresno, CA updated and expanded area
    Canton/Madison, MS
    Albuquerque, NM Updated and expanded area

  518. Tacoma was removed
    New: Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar (Spain)

  519. Sant Feliu, Palamós (Spain)

  520. Sorry, my fault, please ignore the last two postings, except of the removal of Tacoma (WA)

  521. ChrisAjayi says

    Antioch, TN
    Alabaster, AL

  522. Anton Rudolfsson says

    Duvall / Carnation / Sammamish, WA

  523. really cool

  524. jonahtornado says

    (36.15N, 115.28 W) Las Vegas
    (43.64N, 116.39W) Boise, ID
    Do you know how to get these places to load? They are blurry on Google Earth

  525. jonahtornado says

    Meriden, CT, Wallingford, CT (Including my home) got finally added

  526. Porto, Portugal

  527. Sheffield, England

  528. Marbella, Spain

  529. Jonathan Rosas says

    Hey Timothy, Notice and Reply me when a City of India goes 3D. I have read about India Soon Will go 3D

  530. Valletta, Malta

  531. Tulsa, Oklahoma extended area

  532. Lawrence, Massachusetts

  533. Catania, Italy extended area

  534. Chesterfield, England

  535. Magenta, Italy

  536. ChrisAjayi says

    Trenton/Flat Rock, MI
    Ramsey/Rogers, MN
    Shakopee, MN
    Rock Hill, SC/Monroe, NC

  537. Tacoma, WA is back

  538. ChrisAjayi says

    Howell/Brighton, MI

  539. Todd Creek, Brighton, CO (and more (Denver extended))

  540. Fort Collins and Loveland (Colorado) area update and slight extension

  541. New update now connecting the Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID areas

  542. Basildon, England

  543. Birmingham, Alabama updated and extended area

  544. Houston, Texas updated and extended area.

  545. San Antonio, Texas updated and extended area.

  546. Colorado Springs, Colorado updated and extended area.

  547. Denver, Colorado updated and extended area.

  548. Midland, Texas updated and extended area.

  549. Topeka, Kansas updated and extended area.

  550. Manhattan, Kansas updated and extended area.

  551. Sioux City, Iowa updated and extended area.

  552. St. Cloud, Minnesota updated and extended area.

  553. Anderson, Indiana updated and extended area.

  554. Lafayette, Indiana updated and extended area.

  555. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania updated and extended area.

  556. Baltimore, Maryland updated and extended area.

  557. Athens, Georgia updated and extended area.

  558. Oslo, Norway updated and extended area.

  559. Madrid (Spain) extended south area (Mostoles, Pinto, and other towns)

  560. north and west of Madrid : Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Fuenlabrada, Alcorcon, Leganes, Boadilla, etc….

  561. Elche, Spain updated and extended area.

  562. Tarragona, Spain updated and extended area.

  563. San Sebastian, Spain updated and extended area.

  564. Cordoba, Spain updated and extended area.

  565. Terrassa, Spain updated and extended area.

  566. Eau Claire, Wisconsin updated and extended area.

  567. Portland, Oregon updated and extended area.

  568. Ogden, Utah updated and extended area.

  569. Idaho Falls, Idaho updated and extended area.

  570. Lake Havasu City, Arizona updated and extended area.

  571. Salvador, Brazil updated and extended area.

  572. Limoges, France updated and extended area.

  573. Nantes, France updated and extended area.

  574. Angers, France updated and extended area.

  575. Saint-Etienne, France updated and extended area.

  576. Clermont-Ferrand, France updated and extended area.

  577. ChrisAjayi says

    Lake Geneva, WI
    Woodstock/Huntley, IL

  578. Jonathan Rosas says

    Crotone was removed due to wrong height with odd effect “city underwater” when creating a 3D map of this city, in Italy

  579. Latina, Italy updated and extended area.

  580. Memphis, Tennesse updated and extended area.

  581. Knoxville, Tennesse updated and extended area.

  582. Providence, Rhode Island updated and extended area.

  583. Albany, New York updated and extended area.

  584. Indianapolis, Indiana updated and extended area.

  585. Grand Rapids, Michigan updated and extended area.

  586. Madison, Wisconsin updated and extended area.

  587. Winnipeg, Canada updated and extended area.

  588. Barrie, Canada updated and extended area.
    Keswic, Canada updated and extended area.
    Bradford, Canada updated and extended area.
    Innisfil, Canada updated and extended area.

  589. Dothan, Alabama updated and extended area.

  590. Tyler, Texas updated and extended area.

  591. College Station, Texas updated and extended area.

  592. Tallahassee, Florida updated and extended area.

  593. Andrew Leahy says

    Timothy are you still making updates to the KML? Perhaps there’s a way we can crowd-source the outlines. Submit kml polygons to a shared google sheet or something?

  594. Pere M. Mollet says

    New autogenerated 3D Imagery have been added into Tarragona Area in Spain. It’s a larger area than previous 2013 area.

  595. There has been countless updates this month that are not added yet. whats taking them so long?

  596. Please update the kml file to show the latest aeras. its a long time since the last update and there are many new areas in 3D

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Sorry for the delay. It has not been abandoned. I’ll discuss it with Anton who has been doing the outlines and if he needs assistance I will either do some myself or ask if any other readers wish to assist. Keep in mind that most of the new areas are extended areas which take longer to draw because of the timeline.

      • Glad to hear that! Take your time, I guess most of us just feared that you guys stopped working on the kml

      • Anton Rudolfsson says

        Hi! I am working on the outlines! I have a job and at the same time I am studying. But I try my best to finish the outlines!

  597. Le Mans, France updated and extended area.

  598. (Connecticut) – Hartford area extended to include Meriden and Wallingford

  599. Hi, Timothy. In outlines sorted by country, Tacoma (Washington) is gone.

  600. Everett, Washington updated and extended area.

  601. San Antonio, Texas, updated and extended area.

  602. Colorado Springs, extended area.

  603. Latino, Madrid, Spain is a huge part in the middle of the 3d area of Madrid that is not in 3d

  604. and something is not right with the update to Tulsa, OK

  605. Perth, Australia updated and extended area.

  606. Adelaide, Australia updated and extended area.

  607. Canberra, Australia updated and extended area.

  608. San Diego, California updated and extended area.

  609. Mazzo, Italy
    Pantanedo, Italy
    Cerchiate, Italy
    Pero, Italy

  610. Arezzo, Italy updated and extended area.

  611. Hiroshima, Japan

  612. Hamamatsu, Japan

  613. Kitakyushu, Japan

  614. Corinth/Lake Dallas, TX
    New Port Richey, FL
    Westerville, OH
    Wheaton, IL
    Mukwonago, WI
    Farmington/Bloomington, MN
    Lebanon, PA
    Lewisburg/Selinsgrove/Sunbury, PA
    Woonsocket, RI/Framingham/Milford/Franklin, MA
    Kingsport, TN
    Franklin, TN
    HattIesburg, MS

  615. Paducah, KY
    Talladega, AB

  616. Edmonton, Canada updated and extended area.

  617. Hi, Timothy please add Kanazawa, Japan

  618. Hi, Timothy please add Kurashiki, Japan.

  619. Hi, Timothy please add Shimonoseki, Japan.

  620. Tokyo, Japan updated and extended area.

  621. Spring Hill, Florida updated and extended area.

  622. Lynchburg, Tennessee updated and extended area.

  623. Hempstead, New York updated and extended area.
    Levittown, New York updated and extended area.

  624. Bedford Hills, NY which appear to have a glitch where squares of 3D go missing when you become closer.

  625. Spencer, MA

  626. Seymour, Oak Ridge, Farragut, TN

  627. Hi, Timothy please add Nijmegen, Netherlands

  628. Vevey, Switzerland

  629. Jonathan Rosas says

    Crotone, Italy is back, but with correct height above sea level

  630. Indio, California updated and extended area.

  631. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain updated and extended area.

  632. Hi, Timothy please add Aomori, Japan.

  633. Okayama, Japan updated and extended area.

  634. New country!! Cebu, Philippines

  635. Graz, Austria updated and extended area.

  636. Ferrara, Italy updated and extended area.

  637. Piacenza, Italy updated and extended area.

  638. El Cajon, California updated and extended area.

  639. A Coruna, extended area.

  640. Lugo, Spain extended area.

  641. Torrelavega, Spain extended area.

  642. Valladolid, Spain updated and extended area.

  643. Grapevine, Lewisville, Highland Village, Corinth, all Texas

  644. Columbus, Ohio (extended)

  645. Southhold, NY

  646. Worcester, MA
    Chicago Updated and expanded area
    Somerville, NJ
    A strip near Circle Pines, MN
    Mabelvale, AR
    Putnam, CT
    Burlington, VT updated
    Charleston, SC

  647. Springfield, Missouri updated and extended area.

  648. Nashville, Tennessee updated and extended area.

  649. Newcastle (South Africa)

  650. Monroe, WA

  651. middletown ct updated and extended area
    Webster MA

  652. merrick ny has not been noticed for a while

  653. Hi, Timothy please add Taranto, Italy.

  654. Lenoir City/Loudon, TN
    Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN

  655. Hamilton/Loveland, OH

  656. Greenville, South Carolina updated and extended area.

  657. Lausanne, Switzerland updated and extended area.

  658. Leeds, England new update

  659. Stoke-on-Trent, England, updated and extended area.

  660. Newcastle upon Tyne, England, updated and extended area.

  661. Eureka, California updated and extended area.

  662. Leon, Spain updated and extended area.

  663. Oviedo, Spain updated and extended area.

  664. A Coruna, Spain updated and extended area.

  665. Lugo, Spain updated and extended area.

  666. Torrelavega, Spain updated and extended area.

  667. Saronno, Italy
    Cascina Selva, Italy
    Introini, Italy
    Resegone-san Prino, Italy
    Cascina Emanuela, Italy
    Solaro, Italy
    Cascina Colombara, Italy
    Bellusco II, Italy
    Mezzago, Italy
    Orobona, Italy
    Verderio, Italy
    Robbiate, Italy
    San Marcellino, Italy
    Monza, Italy updated and extended area.

  668. Lucerne, Switzerland updated and extended area.

  669. Basel, Switzerland updated and extended area.

  670. Niort, France updated and extended area.

  671. Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
    Lockport, NY

  672. Civitavecchia, Italy

  673. Sapporo, Japan

  674. Bloemfontein, South Africa

  675. Bremerhaven, Germany

  676. Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada
    Champaign, IL
    Milwaukee, WI Expansion
    Lowell, MA
    Norwood, MA
    Winter Park, FL
    Estero, FL

  677. Huntington, NY

  678. Southold, NY

  679. Mesa,Arizona

  680. Hi, Timothy please add Niigata, Japan

  681. Please be patient! It take some time to add all those cities to our KML-file. Timothy please add the cities in the kml file.

  682. Hey Anton and Timothy are you guys still working on it?

  683. Summerville, South Carolina updated and extended area.

  684. Greensboro, North Carolina updated and extended area.

  685. Middletown, Connecticut updated and extended area.

  686. Nashua, New Hampshire updated and extended area.

  687. Stoughton, Massachusetts updated and extended area.

  688. Burlington, Vermont updated and extended area.

  689. Biddeford, Maine updated and extended area.

  690. Markham, Ontario updated and extended area.

  691. Flint, Michigan updated and extended area.

  692. Rochester, Minnesota updated and extended area.

  693. Minneapolis, Minnesota, updated and extended area.

  694. Hong Kong is in 3d!!

  695. Pretoria, South Africa

  696. Benidorm, Spain

  697. Lamezia Terme, Italy is back

  698. ChrisAjayi says

    Johnson City/Elizabethon, TN

  699. ChrisAjayi says

    High Point, NC
    Rochester, NY Expansion and update
    Mt. Holly, SC
    Menomonee Falls, WI

  700. Cancun, Mexico

  701. Maddison, WIsconsin

    Hey btw:
    Since no one seems to be updating anymore I am now drawing the outlines myself but so far only for myself. Does anyone know how to share the folder with the outlines?

  702. Jonathan Rosas says

    Hey Timothy:
    I will draw the outlines myself to export to the kml file. How to export my drawn outlines to the kml file?
    Does anyone know how to share the folder with the outlines? Please Reply.

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Hi Jonathan, if you wish to do some outlines, all you need to do is draw the outlines and send them to me as a KML and I will insert them in the master KML file. For new areas, all I need is the outline. For expanded areas it gets a bit more complicated as we keep track of both the total new area covered and the expanded piece. I would suggest you start with the most recent ones and work backwards as Anton may have already got some of the older ones done.

      • Jonathan Rosas says

        What color of the outline i have to draw?
        Red, Orange, White Orange, White, Blue or Black or any color to export to KML file. Please answer me

        • Timothy Whitehead says

          It doesn’t matter. It will become the correct colours when it goes into the master KML file.

          • Jonathan Rosas says

            Once i have done the outline kml file, how to send to the master kml file? I have to send what via?

  703. Jonathan Rosas says

    Hey Timothy, i have drawn the Pretoria, South Africa 3D Outline, the outline is ready to export. Now is ready to get added into the master kml.

  704. Jonathan Rosas says

    My first Outline was successful, ¡and it appears in the Kml!. Thanks for your help

  705. Jonathan Rosas says

    I have sent three .kml files outlines: The outlines of Cebu, Philippines; of Manaus, Brazil; and North Plattle, Nebraska, United States.

  706. I have done Niigata, Japan and Civitavecchia, Italy and sent it to Timothy.
    Maybe we can organize drawing the missing KMLs by date or region? (via Doodle??)

  707. Dear everybode,
    I did some work and collected all entries of which I think they are still missing.
    Lets join our work and collaborate to that wonderfull collection.
    Please look here:
    If you would like to draw some cities, please mark in the sheet (maybe with your name) to avoid double efforts. Lets send the KMLs to Timothy. Hope that can work, please correct me if somethings wrong.
    Best regards

  708. Basel, Switzerland, updated and extended area.

  709. Lucerne, Switzerland, updated and extended area.

  710. Strasbourg, France updated and extended area.

  711. Ghent, Belgium updated and extended area.

  712. Charleroi, Belgium updated and extended area.

  713. Perth, Australia extended area.

  714. Hi, Timothy please add Davao City, Philippines.

  715. Wilsonville, Oregon

  716. Timothy Whitehead says

    For those wishing to draw outlines for the KML, please read these instructions:

  717. Canberra, Australia extended area.

  718. ChrisAjayi says

    Expansion to Council Bluffs, IA

  719. Jacksonville, Arkansas

  720. Ensenada, Mexico
    Lake Country, BC, Canada
    Folsom, CA

  721. Clemson, SC

  722. Soddy-Daisy, TN

  723. Philadelphia, PA extended area

  724. Cincinnati, OH extended area (to the south)

  725. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Grapevine, Texas is gone.

  726. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country, Tacoma, Washington is gone.

  727. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Middletown, Connecticut is gone.

  728. Palermo, Italy updated and extended area.

  729. Timothy Whitehead says

    Gruppo del Sassolungo, Italy (46.516707N, 11.726727E) found by GEB reader Josh.

  730. Ajax, Canada updated and extended area.
    Oshawa, Canada updated and extended area.

  731. Brampton, Canada updated and extended area.
    Vaughan, Canada updated and extended area.
    Nashville, Canada updated and extended area.

  732. Hong Kong New Territories (north of previous area).

  733. Jonathan Rosas says

    Houston, TX, Updated and Extended Area

  734. Hi, Timothy in outline Sorted by country Indio, California is gone.

  735. Hi, Timothy in outlines Sorted by country A Coruna, Spain is gone.

  736. Hi, Timothy in outlines Burlington, Vermont is gone.

  737. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Burlington, Vermont is gone.

  738. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Richmond Hill, Ontario is gone.

  739. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Biddeford, Maine is gone.

  740. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Markham, Ontario is gone.

  741. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Flint, Michigan is gone.

  742. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Rochester, Minnesota is gone.

  743. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Ghent, Belgium is gone.

  744. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Charleroi, Belgium is gone.

  745. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Ajax, Ontario is gone
    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Oshawa, Ontario is gone.

  746. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Council Bluffs, IA is gone.

  747. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Brampton, Canada is gone
    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Vaughan, Canada is gone
    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Nashville, Canada is gone.

  748. Here are two that I’ve noticed that are new and not in the current .kml,

    Zion National Park in Southern Utah. (This one is just plain beautiful, the amount of detail is quite impressive)
    Grand Canyon Skywalk northwest of Peach Springs, AZ on the rim above the Colorado River. (hope the entire Grand Canyon gets this some day, but I’m not holding my breath. It would make backcountry trip planning a lot of fun as far as off trail routes are concerned).

  749. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Palermo, Italy is gone.

  750. Crater Lake, Oregon

  751. Hi, Timothy please add Zion National Park, Utah

  752. Hi, Timothy please add Grand Canyon Skywalk northwest of Peach Springs, Arizona.

  753. Hi, Timothy please add São Paulo, Brasil.

  754. Johannesburg, South Africa

  755. Yokkaichi, Japan

  756. Malaga, Spain

  757. Denia, Spain

  758. Hi,Timothy please add Arches National Park, Utah

  759. Hi,Timothy please add Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

    • Can’t see that one, Arches NP is already in the file (Moab, 2014_06_20)

    • Jonathan Rosas says

      Canyonlands National Park, Utah is not 3D, but Arches National Park is included in Moab 3D Outline

      • Timothy Whitehead says

        Yes, I incorrectly thought Canyonlands National Park extended further north-west than it does.

  760. Isola d’Elba, Italy

  761. Burlington, North Carolina
    Kernersville, North Carolina

  762. Hopkins, MN
    Bokeelia, FL

  763. This is becoming extremly heavy to scroll. Is it possible to close comments, and open part 2 as a new post, preferably with the spreadsheet at top?

  764. Zaragoza, Spain updated and extended area.
    Oropesa de mar, Spain updated and extended area.
    A Coruña, Spain updated and extended area.

  765. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Graz, Austria is gone.

  766. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Charleroi, Belgium is gone.

  767. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Ghent, Belgium is gone.

  768. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Brampton, Ontario is gone
    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Vaughan, Ontario is gone
    Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Nashville, Ontario is gone.

  769. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Rochester, Minnesota is gone.

  770. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Flint, Michigan is gone.

  771. Hi, Timothy in outline Sorted by country Indio, CA is gone.

  772. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Markham, Ontario is gone.

  773. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Biddeford, Maine is gone.

  774. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Richmond Hill, Ontario is gone.

  775. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country Burlington, Vermont is gone.

  776. Hi, Timothy in outline sorted by country A Coruna, Spain is gone.

  777. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Indio, CA is gone.

  778. Palm Springs, CA, updated and slightly extended

  779. Temecula, CA, slight extensions

  780. Hi, Timothy Richmond Hill, Ontario is gone
    Nashville, Ontario is gone.
    Ghent, Belgium is gone.
    Charleroi, Belgium is gone
    Biddeford, Maine is gone
    A Coruna, Spain is gone
    Burlington, Vermont is gone
    Indio, California is gone.

  781. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Arezzo Italy is gone.

  782. Peoria, Illinois
    Rockford, Illinois
    Dayton, Ohio
    Galveston, Texas
    Omaha, Nebraska updated and extended imagery
    Centennial, Colorado updated and extended imagery
    Lansing, Michigan updated imagery
    Niagara Falls, U.S./Canada updated imagery
    Taunton, Massachusetts
    Roanok, Virginia updated imagery
    Fort smith, Arkansas updated imagery
    Hillsboro, Oregon

  783. Puyallup, Washington

  784. Hudson, Wisconsin
    Stillwater, Minnesota
    St. Louis park, Minnesota

  785. Fargo, North Dakota updated imagery

  786. Magdeburg, Germany

  787. Lodz, Poland

  788. Royal Oak, Michigan

  789. Waukesha, Wisconsin

  790. Cullera, Spain

  791. Hastings, England

  792. Warrington, England

  793. Burgos, Spain updated area.

  794. Jonathan Rosas says

    I have sent several Kml outlines yesterday and past days and week .kml outlines of Denia, Spain; Temecula, California; Bokeelia, Florida; A coruna, Spain, Ghent, Belgium, etc. But does not appear in the kml, please explain me what happening, i have sent attachments but does not appear.

  795. São Paulo – Brasil updated and extended area

  796. Grand Canyon Skywalk extended area

  797. Fortaleza, Brazil extended area

  798. Pueblo, Colorado
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    Cape Coral, Florida
    Little Rock, Arkansas updated and expanded imagery
    Cedar Crest, New Mexico

  799. London, Ontario Canada
    Framingham/Norfolk, MA
    Salisbury/Lexington, NC
    Waco, TX
    Temple, TX

  800. Sanborn, NY

  801. Niagara Falls, update and extensions

  802. Concepcion, Chile

  803. Poznan, Poland

    • Great news! I’m loving the new 3D imagery for Poland! Two Polish cities added over the past few days!

      I can’t wait to see more updates for Poland. I’m anxiously waiting for Kraków to be added and for Warsaw to be extended beyond the current imagery, as it only covers the downtown area. Also looking forward to seeing Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin, and Lublin.

  804. San Luis Obispo, CA

  805. Milano, Italy updated and extended area.

  806. Zug, Switzerland updated and extended area.

  807. I dont know if already mentioned but Lamezia Terme, Italy is back in 3d

  808. Hi, Timothy please add Staten Island, NY
    Hi, Timothy please add Carteret, NY

  809. Balimore, MD updated and extended area.

  810. Harrisonburg, Virginia updated and extended area.

  811. Chaleroi, Belgium updated and extended area.

  812. Nuremberg, Germany updated and extended area.

  813. Lieja, updated area.
    Charleroi, updated and extended area of north.

  814. Jaen, Spain back in 3d

  815. Sacramento, California updated and extended area.

  816. Llíria, Valencia (Spain).

  817. Tromsö (Norway) update and extension

  818. Bergen (Norway) update and extension

    • Jonathan Rosas says

      ¿No extensión in Bergen, Norway according to spreadsheet? I have made the outlines and there are extensions in bergen like Salhus that is covered in 3D, and almost a month nothing appears my madeself outline kml.
      In Bergen, Norway, there are expansions and extensions.

  819. Narvik, Norway

  820. Cardiff, United Kingdom updated and extended area.

  821. Jonathan Rosas says

    New Country: Puerto Rico
    South Bayamon, Guaynabo, Toa Alta, Toa Baja, South of San Juan, Cupey, Canovanas, Trujillo Alto, Santa Barbara, Loiza. All in Puerto Rico

  822. Hot Springs, Arkansas updated and extended area.

  823. Fort Smith, Arkansas updated and extended area.

  824. Joplin, Missouri updated and extended area.

  825. Duluth, Minnesota updated and extended area.

  826. Fargo, North Dakota updated and extended area.

  827. Regina, Canada updated and extended area.

  828. Calgary, Canada updated and extended area.

  829. Yakima, Washington updated and extended area.

  830. Bend, Oregon updated and extended area.

  831. Medford, Oregon updated and extended area.

  832. Tucson, Arizona updated and extended area.

  833. Boulder, Colorado updated and extended area.

  834. San Angelo, Texas updated and extended area.

  835. Montgomery, Alabama updated and extended area.

  836. Augusta, Georgia updated and extended area.

  837. Bloomington, Indiana updated and extended area.

  838. Terre Haute, Indiana updated and extended area.

  839. Albany, NY updated and extended area.

  840. Grand Rapids, MI updated and extended area.

  841. Muskegon, Michigan updated and extended area.

  842. Please, let us follow Timothys suggestion and use this post from now on for submitting 3D mesh updates, as this one is veeery long now 😉

  843. Guadalajara, Mexico updated and extended area.

  844. Nagoya, Japan updated and extended area.

  845. Mataro, Spain updated and extended area.
    Granollers, Spain updated and extended area.

  846. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by county Arezzo, Italy is gone.

  847. Foggia, Italy updated and extended area.

  848. Melzo, Italy updated and extended area.
    Cascina Piola, Italy updated and extended area.
    Cascina Trombettina, Italy updated and extended area.
    Cascina Bellana, Italy updated and extended area.
    Gessate, Italy updated and extended area.
    Cambiago, Italy updated and extended area.
    Sanatorio di Ornago, Italy updated and extended area.

  849. Most 3D cities in Spain and Portugal are gone: Madrid, Sevilla, Porto, Lisboa, A Coruña, Santiago, Bilbao and so on….

  850. Trento, Italy updated and extended area.

  851. Bolzano, Italy updated and extended area.

  852. Trieste, Italy updated and extended area.

  853. Sassari, Italy updated and extended area.

  854. Ajaccio, France updated and extended area.

  855. Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    North Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    West of Chicago, IL

  856. I’m continuing to post my findings on the following page:

  857. Yokosuka, Japan updated and extended area.

  858. Hi, Timothy in outlines sorted by country Blue Springs, Arkansas is gone.

  859. Jonathan Rosas says

    Hey Manolache Alexandru. Please post and submit updates and findings in the new post, to avoid overloading this post.

  860. jyotiprakash says

    is india will be a 3D map city?

  861. Zachary Zwerling says

    can you make a 3d mesh in rockland county new york

    • Hi, Zachary.
      This is an unofficial google earth blog, meaning it’s not operated by Google itself. This post was used to monitor 3D areas in google earth that have been found by users. It’s not a page to request 3D areas as this blog, its authors or its readers don’t have any power to make them as none of us works for the actual company that is Google. When we see a new 3D mesh showing up in google we used to post it here. Now we do the same thing on a different post which you can find in one of the comments above.

  862. Zachary Zwerling says

    Add Hudson valley ny Disneyland Paris resort Hong Kong Disneyland

  863. Hartford CT updated and extended area

  864. Add Turku, Finland

  865. Eric Hurtebis says

    Add Angoulême, France, little commune but large urban unit (agglomeration), more than 100,000.

  866. Johan Karlsson says

    Sand Springs