Historical imagery and Ukraine

As we have mentioned in the past Google Earth does not have any imagery of Ukraine since June 2015, which puts it on the list of censored countries that includes Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. However, … [Read more...]

Tips for creating historical imagery animations

This post is some tips for creating historical imagery animations using the 'Historical Imagery Tour Maker' we released in yesterday's post. Tilt The Google Earth plugin, like the default setting in … [Read more...]

Advanced Historical Imagery Tour Maker with the Google Earth API

There are several different ways to automate animated historical imagery that we have explored in the past. The first, and easiest, is to use a Google Earth Tour that simply changes the date by a … [Read more...]

Interesting imagery from 2015 that we missed

Last week we looked at the Bento Rodrigues mine disaster. Today we are looking at a number of other sights to be seen in the satellite imagery from 2015. We found most of the locations with the help … [Read more...]

Satellite imagery updates for 2015

For the first half of 2015, as it has in the past, Google released imagery update maps showing outlines of newly updated imagery. However, in June, it released the Voyager layers, which include a … [Read more...]

Some sights we missed

On Monday we had a look at recent imagery in Google Earth. We used the Google Earth plugin to find new imagery. However, either our algorithm is not perfect, or Google has added some more imagery … [Read more...]

Recent imagery updates review

Google has added quite a lot of imagery to Google Earth recently, especially in Australia and East Asia. We have been using the Google Earth plugin to find new imagery. However, we have been having … [Read more...]

What’s that image, Voyager Edition 2

With the recent release of the 'Voyager Edition 2' layers, including a map of recently added imagery, we can, as we have done for previous updates, have a look through the imagery to see if there is … [Read more...]

Seeing imperfect orthorectifcation in Google Earth imagery

Yesterday we talked about orthorectification and how it is imperfect, especially when using an inaccurate terrain model. We thought we would have a look at the effect using historical imagery. We used … [Read more...]

Google Maps API Maximum Zoom – Part 6: Resolution

We have recently been looking at our map created from the Google Maps API's Maximum Zoom data: Google Maps API Maximum Zoom – Part 1: Data collection Google Maps API Maximum Zoom - Part 2: … [Read more...]