Most Popular Stories About Google Earth 2017

Although this blog has stopped regular blog postings, Google Earth still has a legacy of amazing stories and content. This post summarizes some of the most popular content found by our readers during … [Read more...]

Google Earth faster loading tip: use network links

A common problem with Google Earth is long loading times due to having a lot of stuff in your 'My Places'. Google Earth stores your 'My Places' in a KML file appropriately called myplaces.kml. Exactly … [Read more...]

File associations and a Google Earth / Google Earth Pro dual installation

Today's post is a tip for people that have both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro installed on Windows. Today, our Google Earth installation updated automatically to the latest version. The problem … [Read more...]

Let Google Earth notify you of KML errors

This post is a tip for people who work with KML a lot and generate KML from sources other than Google Earth. This could be programmers generating KML through code, people manually creating KML files … [Read more...]

3D Buildings in Flight Simulator in Google Earth Pro

Thank you to GEB reader Paul Moskowitz for bringing to our attention the fact that opening the flight simulator in Google Earth Pro automatically turns off the 3D buildings layer. The reason for this … [Read more...]

The “backspace key” in Google Earth

We recently accidentally pressed the Backspace key in Google Earth and discovered that it takes you back to the previous 'view' and even pops up a little help window to tell you what it did and also … [Read more...]

Making desktop backgrounds with Google Earth

When browsing some of the latest imagery in the recent imagery update we came across some beautiful images of islands of the Tonga archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean and we thought of using them … [Read more...]

Tips for creating historical imagery animations

This post is some tips for creating historical imagery animations using the 'Historical Imagery Tour Maker' we released in yesterday's post. Tilt The Google Earth plugin, like the default setting in … [Read more...]

Caching Google Earth imagery with path tours

We have recently been catching up on the outlines for our KML of Google Earth 3D areas. The internet speeds here in Cape Town increase every year, but we still seem to spend a lot of time waiting for … [Read more...]

Custom Icons in Google Earth

When you create placemarks in Google Earth you can change the icon of the placemark by going to the placemark properties and clicking the icon button found just to the right of the placemark name. … [Read more...]