Tahina Circumnavigates the Earth

My name is Frank Taylor, and I am the founder and publisher of Google Earth Blog. I also recently completed an expedition to sail around the world. One of the many reasons I was immediately attracted … [Read more...]

Planning your cruise with Google Earth

Google Earth can be great for planning trips of any kind, including those by boat. More than seven years ago Frank was showing us 3D cruise ship tracking, and there have been other great cruising … [Read more...]

Viewing the GEBCO Global Ocean Map in Google Earth

The bathymetry in Google Earth (the topography of the ocean floor) is something that has been gradually improving for years. Not counting the 3D ocean released in 2009, the bathymetry imagery has … [Read more...]

The South Pacific Island that doesn’t exist

For years, "Sandy Island" has shown up in various maps and marine charts, including Google Earth and Google Maps. Scientists were confused, because their records showed a water depth of 1400m at that … [Read more...]

Google Earth A to Z: Under water

Released as part of Google Earth 5 back in 2009, the 3D Ocean is an amazing feature. Being able to fly below the waves and see the ocean floor with true 3D bathymetry is quite remarkable. Google has … [Read more...]

Viewing California emissions in Google Earth

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) collects a lot of data on greenhouse gas emissions in California, and has just released a new system that allows of easy visualization of that data. By … [Read more...]

The voyage of the Titanic in Google Earth

This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's collision and subsequent sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean. Today we'll take a look at the journey that led to the iceberg, and tomorrow … [Read more...]

Captain James Cook’s exploration of Australia

A few months ago, we showed you Colin Hazlehurst's excellent tours of James Cook exploring New Zealand and South Island, New Zealand. Colin is back with a new presentation and it's simply … [Read more...]

The Costa Concordia 3D tour is now stunningly realistic

A few weeks ago we showed you Peter Olsen's 3D tour of the Costa Concordia. It was a very impressive file, showing a 3D model of the ship as it progressed through its fateful voyage. Peter has been … [Read more...]

An amazing 3D tour of the Costa Concordia

Last week we showed you the fresh satellite imagery and tour of the wreck of the Costa Concordia. It was a great file that helped to show what happened, but now Peter Olsen (who just days ago … [Read more...]