10 years of Google Earth innovation

In 2004 Google bought startup Keyhole Inc. whose main product was a virtual globe known as Keyhole Earthviewer. On June 28th, 2005, ten years ago yesterday, Google released the renamed Google Earth … [Read more...]

Tracking hurricane hunters in Google Earth

Over the years, we've shown you a variety of great ways to use Google Earth to track hurricanes. While much of that data comes from weather satellites, some of it comes from "hurricane hunters" that … [Read more...]

Tracking the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in Google Earth

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht race, now in its 66th year, is underway off the coast of Australia. The 628 nautical mile race, in which racers travel from from Sydney Harbor to the historical port … [Read more...]

A collection of weather and storm tracking tools for Google Earth

A few years ago, Frank collected a variety of weather-related tools for Google Earth and put them into a nice package. Since then, a few of those tools have disappeared and a few new ones have been … [Read more...]

LiDAR views of the Carolina Bays

We've talked about the Carolina Bays before, but today we've got a great new way to view them. Michael at Cintos Research sent over some information about their new use of LiDAR DEM hsv-shaded imagery … [Read more...]

Satellites around the earth

A few years ago, Frank showed you a great visualization from AGI that shows the real-time positions for over 13,000 satellites around the Earth. That post, along with the page he built to show off … [Read more...]

A ton more data from the Pakistan flooding

Last month, we told you about Google's quest for more data to help with the massive flooding in Pakistan. The "Unigeo initiative for Pakistan" has been developing a network link that has a ton of data … [Read more...]

Google Earth For Sailors and Travelers

A big part of the experience of sailing around the world is meeting up with other sailors doing similar routes. In French Polynesia, we have had numerous opportunities to meet up with the crews of … [Read more...]

Tracking Hurricanes with Google Earth

With Hurricane Alex making landfall, the 2010 Hurricane season is underway. As we've shared in the past, Google Earth can be a great way to track these hurricanes as they develop. The first place to … [Read more...]

Track Hurricane Ida in Google Earth

Hurricane Ida is on a path for the central Gulf Coast, expected to make landfall tonight somewhere between New Orleans and Pensacola. While the storm is expected to weaken before it hits land, it … [Read more...]