Teaching about the ocean floor with Google Earth

Last month we showed you a creative visualization of the Parting of the Red Sea that MyReadingMapped had put together. They’ve also assembled a collection of files to help teach users about the ocean floor, while providing various charts and graphs to help explain things.


They’ve put together various resources to make this tool worthwhile, including a Google Map, a downloadable KML file and a blog post with more information.
Their original blog post is fairly old, but they’ve written a new one titled “Understanding the Ocean Bottom in Google Maps” that gives some great tips. They’ve also created a blog entry and video (below) that discuss the 342-foot tsunami in the Strait of Magellan in 1969.

(via Google Earth Hacks)

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  1. um.. so the original blog poster found some dodgy terrain data, so what? There are heaps of artefacts in the terrain sources.
    FYI There’s a lake in the middle of Melbourne with a giant mountain in it… i think they must use it for water skiing!
    It’s extremely doubtful this is a real 340ft tsunami. That whole blog looks like troll bait to me.
    What the heck satellite was flying around in 1969 generating topo data?!? I’m pretty sure all the base level DEM is from the SRTM or ASTER GDEM not from 1969!

  2. FYI. All the maps on MyReadingMapped are well researched. Those locations in maps about explored expeditions are quoted and page referenced to an ebook you can verify yourself. As for the tsunami, here is the coordinate 55° 1’59.06″S, 70° 6’56.01″W, check it out yourself.

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  4. Is this for real? If it is, then Google Maps tells a story here. The story of the second tallest tsunami of the history!!

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