Parting of the Red Sea in Google Earth

As we mentioned yesterday with the Virtual Watervliet, Google Earth can be a great tool to help visualize events from the past. Today’s example from MyReadingMapped goes back to Biblical times to show a handful of events including Moses parting the Red Sea.


Because of the way the Google Earth handles water, “parting” the Red Sea proved to be difficult. They handled that using the following methods:

The Sea Floor Path:
• First, using the Polygon tool while looking down, I drew a rectangle for the path that was to be my sea floor.
• While still selected, I assigned a color and an Altitude set to “Clamped to sea floor.”

The Walls of Water:
• I drew two paths from one shore to the other, making sure they don’t touch the shore, assigning the color, and the Altitude set to “Relative to the sea floor” with a altitude of 30m and “Extend path to ground” selected. For some reason “Extend to sea floor” did not work correctly.
• Next, I had to go back and refine each path to ensure it sat on the edge of the sea floor path.

It was a very creative way to tackle this problem, the results came out rather well. You can grab that KML file here and I encourage you to read their entire post on MyReadingMapped.
(via Google Earth Hacks)

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  1. Thanks for showing my Parting of the Red Sea effort. Your viewers may also like the article on how I found a 342-foot high tsunami in Google Earth, many of the 40 Google Earth KML files of famous explorer expeditions, sunken ships, plane and train crash sites, or the Google Earth KMZ movies found on MyReadingMapped.

  2. Just a gentle reminder, everything is cool in this post except for the fact that the “parting of the Red Sea” is not an “event from the past”. It is part of biblical lore, and there is absolutely no scientific evidence it actually happened. I’m sure most of the readers of GEarth blog are savy enough to have noted that. 🙂
    Aside from that Great post!

  3. To Daniel,
    If I could speak these words to you, you would be able to hear how gently and earnestly I write them to you. The Bible is the LORD God’s (ironically the one who made the very “earth” that this blog is about) infallible, true, and inspired Word, and the parting of the Red Sea really did happen. This is not “lore,” as you choose to call it, but historical fact, for the simple reason that it is recorded in historical narrative in the Bible. I encourage you to study the Bible in order to understand it more clearly. I will guarantee you that reading the Bible at face value will give you insight and convictions that you cannot receive anywhere else. It will move you for good. It will uncover you to who you really are (both you and I by nature are rebellious sinners in need of God’s saving work) and what you really need (full and free forgiveness of sin by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ). It will convict, but it will also comfort. Will you not read it and allow it to speak instead of decrying it?
    I agree with you, great post!

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