The Millennium Falcon in Google Earth

We recently came across an article about an interesting find in Google Earth imagery. At Longcross Studios in Surrey, England, the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame can be seen. It is hidden behind … [Read more...]

Star Wars in Google Earth

With the latest Star Wars movie arriving in cinemas this Friday it is a good time to look at filming locations for the previous Star Wars films. First, here is a nice site describing most of the … [Read more...]

If Star Wars was in Google Earth

Last month we looked at some sets from Star Wars that were visible in Google Earth, but what if the actual movie had been captured by Google Earth? ┬áTom Ward recently came up with some photos that … [Read more...]

Tracking down Star Wars in Google Earth

Roughly 35 years ago, the original Star Wars movie was filmed in a variety of locations around world. ┬áThe opening of the first movie features Luke complaining about having to work at his uncle's … [Read more...]