Find Mountain Bike Trails with the MTB Project

We’ve seen websites and projects over the years that use Google Earth to show off trails including the Appalachian Trail, Civil War trails, and tons of others with sites like EveryTrail.  The site we’re looking at today,, focuses specifically on mountain bike trails and does an excellent job of showing them off.


They have a variety of tools to help explore each trail, including maps, elevation, comments, rating, information, photos and more.  If you click on a specific trail, such as the Dupont Ridgeline Loop, you can click the “View in 3D” button on the map to get a great popup that includes a Google Earth-powered 3D view of the course.

If you’re into mountain biking, this site is an incredible resource to help you find your next great trail. You can check it out at

(via Google Maps Mania)

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  1. Only for USA.
    We need it in Spain …..

  2. This is a nice web app. Could be very useful in deciding routes to take while traveling on downhill mountain bikes.

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