Explore Civil War Trails in Google Earth

The state of Pennsylvania has just launched a new portal to enable people to explore the Pennsylvania Civil War Trails online. The system uses the Google Earth Plug-in, then overlays various placemarks, information and imagery.

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails

Of particular note is the impressive GigaPan imagery throughout the map; massive images of battlefields and other noteworthy areas that can be explored similarly to the Gigapxl Photos in Google Earth.
Civil War GigaPan image

You can check it out for yourself from the Google Earth page on the pacivilwartrails.com site.

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  1. This is really cool. I think we will see more sites like this as the 150th anniversary of the Civil War starts next year. These trail markers are in a dozen different states. Hopefully those other states like MD will do the same. In the mean time, I would like to introduce my blog site: “3D American Civil War in Google Earth” http://3dcivilwar.blogspot.com. It highlights buildings and structures that are in the “3D Layer” of GE that played a role in the Civil War.
    Other Civil War and Google Earth related work I have done was model all the historic buildings and Visior center for Monocacay National Battlefield in Frederick, MD. They have made Virtual tours of the models and posted it to their website here: http://www.nps.gov/mono/photosmultimedia/virtualtour.htm
    You can see my collection of GE models for Monocacy Battlefield here:http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/cldetails?mid=f35f354becd3d2107cf4b8fbfdb1871d

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