Google releases comprehensive Street View imagery for Hawaii

Google has had some Street View imagery in Hawaii for nearly three years, but they’ve just updated the islands with fresh imagery and the level of coverage is quite impressive.
Among the updates are beautiful images of the “Road to Hana” on Maui, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and the Kohala coast, as seen here:


Remember that you can view all of this amazing imagery right inside of Google Earth. As long as you’re using Google Earth 6.0 or higher, you can use the techniques in this video to navigate around:

Google’s rapid expansion of Street View coverage continues to impress me and it makes the product increasingly useful and valuable. While Apple and Bing are working to improve their mapping technology as quickly as possible, this seems to be one area that it will take years for anyone to even begin to compete against Google.
You can simply search for “Hawaii” in Google Earth or Google Maps to see this great new imagery for yourself.

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  1. The Czech republic also now seems to have comprehensive SV coverage, opening up some interesting places.

  2. Dave Timpe says:

    Check this URL regularly to see where street view is available:
    It also shows where the cars are active, but I’ve yet to see any results from the two months or so activity they had last year in Ingham County, Michigan (the Lansing area). There are still gaps downtown.

  3. Took them 3 years for Hawaii to have decent coverage?
    What’s the holdup? Why is it that I am the ONLY one in the whole-wide universe to have noticed Google’s lack of street view updates to the USA?
    Also I seem to be the only one to noticed that the quality for USA street view outside of a major city centre is something out of a 1980s Polaroid Camera.

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