New StreetView imagery in Mexico, Netherlands, Hawaii

Google has just released StreetView imagery for a variety of locations in Mexico, the Netherlands and Hawaii, and has vastly increased the amount of imagery available in Spain.
The new cities in Mexico include Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta , Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Cancun.

Near Cancun, Mexico

The new cities in the Netherlands include Utrecht, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Tilburg and Leeuwarden.
Utrecht, Netherlands

Hawaii now has StreetView imagery for the first time, according to the Official Google Blog. It appears that other states have seen some expanded and/or refreshed imagery as well, but we can’t verify that yet.
Waialua, Hawaii

It also appears that some Spain has received a lot more imagery.
If you see anything else that’s been updated, please let us know in the comments below. If you find anything cool, be sure to add it to the Google Earth Hacks Streetview section.

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  1. Tenerife and Grand Canary (Canary Islands)too.

  2. Spain has a huge update, including Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

  3. In the netherlands other big cities that were added are Apeldoorn, Deventer, Amersfoort..

  4. This is really freaky. A few hours ago I decided to check if my grandmothers house in mexico city was on streetview….and it was. I think I decided to check just as it went live!

  5. I’ve found new imagery in the USA, specifically some of the rural routes in Illinois that were previously not imaged. I’ve not found anything dramatic like a brand new city, but there’s just too much to track now. At any rate, there’s scattered ‘other’ USA imagery that’s been updated.

  6. I like how Spain has a lot more imagery because now you can see a little bit of Africa from the southern tip.

  7. It is amazing but let me tell you, Mexico city is just so big that a lot of streets are missing and important ones, from Xochimilco and Milpa Alta, I can´t see my school and is from UNAM the most important university here so I hope they are not finish, ´cause I cant see the trajineras either, but it is so cool i can see my house and yes it´s kinda freaky the Big brother is really real now and it´s not hidding! lol

  8. I agree with LAQO, Mexico is just big that most of the streets are missing. G Maps for other countries are not that accurate compared to US maps. I just hope the Big G would improve it [maps] for other countries and not just the US.

  9. They now have excellent imagery of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I actually use it for property listings on websites and to send to buyers.
    I heard they are trialling some sort of bicycle system??? Apparently it can get through all the pedestrianised areas where cars can´t go – I love it, spend hours looking at allsorts of places!

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