Panoramio photos from Titanic

Last week we showed you the voyage of the Titanic and ways to view 3D models of the ship, and today we’re back with one more way to explore it 100 years after the disaster.
NOAA has just released a collection of photos into Panoramio that are quite amazing. You can view the photos online here (UPDATE: They can also be viewed in the Photos layer in Google Maps now), or explore them via this KML file.


Once the photos are loaded, you’ll need to fly to the area above the Titanic to view them (the photos float on the ocean surface). If you need help finding that location, here is a KML file that will take you to the right spot. The photos should be in the default “photos” layer soon, but for now you’ll need to use that KML. Thanks to NOAA for releasing and sharing those images with everyone.

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