New Google Earth Version

Thank you to GEB reader André for letting us know that Google has just updated Google Earth to version It is a minor bugfix update but does indicate Google’s continued dedication to Google Earth.

The main thing you will notice is a slightly more modern look to the menus and other interface features. The placemark list, for example now has ‘twisties’ instead of plus/minus symbols.

One of the notable bug fixes is the Feedback option in Windows (found under Help->Send Feedback). Hopefully this means they are going to be more active in listening to suggestions and bug reports.

An interesting addition is a couple of buttons to make it easier to add images to placemarks:

Official release notes

What’s New In Google Earth (from the release announcement).

Bugs Fixed

  • Various security issues
  • Some files missing from saved KMZs
  • Crash in View in Maps if user logged in
  • License-related problems with Earth Pro
  • Incorrectly-localized user interface elements
  • Settings/Preferences dialog unexpected behavior
  • Windows: View in Maps frozen
  • Windows: Feedback tool broken
  • Windows: program hangs when saving search results
  • Windows: installer doesn’t clean up files
  • Mac: crash running on OS X 10.6
  • Mac: installer conflicts between different Earth variants
  • Linux (Debian): search crash
  • Linux: installer not installing needed libraries
  • Linux: spurious network warning messages
  • Linux: crash viewing Moon landmarks


  • Image picker for placemark editing
  • Remove Earth Pro “upsell” links
  • Browser Plugin (bundled and standalone) discontinued
  • High-detail terrain enabled by default
  • Windows: Qt application library upgraded
  • Linux: Earth Pro now available
  • Linux: installers now signed

Known Issues

  • Tour guide, overlays sometimes overlap Startup Tips, About dialogs
  • Windows (7): Installer drawing issues
  • Linux: Earth Pro: Movie Maker, some GPS features not available
  • Linux: Earth Pro: Import dialogs sometimes slow/laggy

About Timothy Whitehead

Timothy has been using Google Earth since 2004 when it was still called Keyhole before it was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and has been a huge fan ever since. He is a programmer working for Red Wing Aerobatx and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


  1. What about SteamVR Google Earth? Still no option for search or dtreet view

  2. I’m having a hard time getting into street view. It keeps going to ground-level view. I only managed to change to street view once.

    • I had a Windows crash after posting this, and since the restart, GE has been going into and out of street view normally. Not sure if that’s connected, but nothing unusual is happening now.

  3. Also, still no historical street view. Have to go to maps for that.

  4. Is this for Mac too? Because I download from their website and installed it and I still have the same version i had….

  5. Dumb question, but how do I update to the latest version?
    Or should i just uninstall Google Earth, and download new version on their website, and install?

  6. Funny that the Feedback feature is still not working…

    It allows you to write the comment, get the screenshot and when you get to the last screen to send the information it fails…..

    Hopefully someone from Google reads this and can fix it so I can leave my super important feedback on WMS services 🙂

  7. balachandert says:

    Same old 404 page for Pro Linux version while browsing from India. Able to download the file though, using Opera browser’s built-in VPN. Fingers crossed about its functioning!

  8. I have an issue (bug?) with the new version.
    When opening a “point” (sorry I do not know the correct expression), the type font is now very small, and changed to Times New Roman (previously Arial or similar). It is badly readable and too small, this new type font.
    Any chance to change to the old typefont?

  9. I have a crash on closing pdf file in the internal browser (Google Earth

    • I also have multiple machines with Google Earth crashing after closing linked pdf files in default browsers ( in my case Firefox) (Google Earth … It’s a “very significant” problem if you are accessing PDF data on a “globe” … may need to roll back to a previous version !!

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