The best of Google Earth for May, 2014

We saw some amazing new Google Earth-related stories in May, and here are some of my favorites.

We took a look at some of the tornado damage in Mayflower, Arkansas.

mayflower arkansas tornado

We showed you some ways to use Google Earth to find a dark sky near you.

dark sky

We revisited ways to use Google Earth to track the weather.

google earth weather

We shared the story of how Google Earth was used to help discover a long-lost forest.

long lost forest

We took a look at the new stadium that the Atlanta Braves are planning to build.

atlanta braves stadium

Google brought out some fresh imagery on May 19.

new google earth imagery

We shared some tips to make Google Earth more realistic.

realistic google earth

We looked at some amazing images of (and interesting facts about) airport runways around the world.

airport runways

What was your favorite story from May?

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