The Atlanta Braves new stadium in Google Earth

A few months ago, the Atlanta Braves baseball team announced they were moving out of downtown Atlanta and into one of the suburbs to the northwest part of the city.  The current stadium, Turner Field, was home to the 1996 Olympic Games and has long been one of my favorite 3D structures in Google Earth.  While the new version that was auto-generated with 3D Imagery isn’t quite as sharp as the old hand-modeled version, it’s still a great looking model.

turner field

The new stadium will be located up I-75 in Cobb County, on a 60-acre plot of land.  Here is a look at the new location in Google Earth, which you can see for yourself by loading this KMZ file.

new braves stadium location

I expect at some point we’ll see a 3D model of the new stadium, but for now all they have are rough renderings of what they’d like to do.  The new stadium is expected to open for the 2017 season.  You can learn more at

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