New scars for the famous heart-shaped island near Croatia

The heart-shaped island of Galesnjak, located off the coast of Croatia, has long been considered a romantic destination when viewed from afar.  However, despite many requests to host weddings on the island it’s never been possible due to the thick shrubbery.  One of the islands owners, Tonci Juresko, has decided to clear many of the trees from the island and replace them with 250 olive trees, in an effort to be able to host weddings in the future.  The long-term goal is admirable, but the short-term result is pretty rough-looking:


All of the imagery in Google Earth still shows the island intact, though I expect a future update will let us see the scars (even if they appear via newer “historical imagery”).  You can fly there and see it for yourself by loading this KML file.

(via Digital Journal)

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