The Kazakhstan Pentagram explained

There’s been a lot of buzz online for the past few weeks about a huge mysterious pentagram that was found etched into the ground in the northern part of Kazakhstan. ┬áSome had theorized that it may be a Russian military base or perhaps was the work of a satanic cult. It seems that we finally have an answer, and it’s not as exciting as some may have hoped.


According to archaelogist Emma Usmanova (via NBC News), it’s simply “the outline of a park made in the form of a star”.

Ground-level photos of the park can be found on and you can view it for yourself in Google Earth by loading this KML file.

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  1. known as col says:

    What about it being 666 ft above see level, and 666 ft diameter etc. The are plenty of facts Emma Usmanova forgot to mention. After all she has never been there, she used the same picture as the rest of us. She has done very little if no research at all. I would recommend listening to 041 Deciphered Kazakhstan Pentagram Fully Explained Leylines 666. Some interesting facts missing from the mainstream control.

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