Google adds a variety of animal parks and zoos to Street View

Google has just pushed out another major update to Street View, this time adding imagery from a variety of zoos and animal parks around the world.


The list of updated areas includes:

Taronga Zoo (Sydney)

Zoologico de Bauru

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park (Ontario)
Toronto Zoo

Buin Zoo

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Tierpark Hagenbeck
Zoo Safari Park Stukenbrock

Asahiyama Zoo

Chapultepec Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Shou Shan Zoo

United States
Atlanta Zoo
Chicago Zoo
Houston Zoo
San Diego Zoo

You can read more about these new additions on the Google Lat Long Blog, all of which are available on the new Views site as well as inside of Google Earth. ┬áIf you’ve not used Street View inside of Google Earth before, the brief video below will show you how it’s done.

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  1. I am not sure if it has been announced anywhere but Chile’s Street View has been expanded across the whole country and some cities in Peru have Street View as well.

  2. While I am sure covering popular places such as zoos makes business sense for Google by attracting advertising, continuing to extend conventional Street View, as recently in Chile and Peru, is just as important in building the global appeal of the ‘product’.

    Incidentally, the new coverage in Peru includes long lengths of road through the high Andes and the coastal deserts – amazing landscapes. And in Chile you can visit the southernmost point of Street Vies in the Americas … so far, but hoping for more.

  3. It’s strange that google included views from a Chinese Park. I thought that region was discontinued.

  4. Why in Google Earth for those places are not available blue lines on the map?

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