View the recently discovered animal-shaped mounds in Peru

The University of Missouri’s Dr. Robert Benfer has discovered various earth-formed animal shapes in Peru, including an orca, duck, giant condor and a puma monster. GEB reader ‘Jorge’ has located the area in Google Earth so you can explore it for yourself.


The mounds are thought to be more than 4000 years old and are drawing comparisons to the Nazca lines. Similar to Nazca and many other recent finds, this discovery was only possible thanks to the aerial vantage point that is offered by Google Earth.
For more, you can check out the full story on Sci-News or open up this KML file to explore the area in Google Earth.

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  1. “this discovery was only possible thanks to the aerial vantage point that is offered by Google Earth.”
    I think that it would be more accurate to say that Robert Benfer’s discovery of these ancient Peruvian effigy mounds was facilitated by Google Earth. The mounds could have been discovered by the “aerial vantage point” offered by aircraft flying over them or other satellite imagery that is less publicly available. There is no question that the ready accessibility to good quality satellite imagery in Google Earth and Google maps significantly increases the possibility, and indeed probability of finding such ancient geoglyphs and other structures that are best viewed from the sky.

  2. The only problem is that these mounds don’t actually look like any of the things on the list.

  3. Richard Lee Raymond says:

    I have located a group of geoglyphs in southern Oregon. A large bird,snake,moon,woman,puma and a few others , They are similar to the orca formation found in Peru.They are all visible on google earth.

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