New Google Earth Imagery – July 4

It’s been a few weeks since the last update, and now Google has just started pushing out their latest imagery update. Thanks to GEB reader ‘Alsay’ for being the first to let us know about it!
[UPDATE, 4-July 9:37pm — Google has now posted about it in the Lat Long Blog, and updated the update KML as well.]


As is often the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!
[UPDATED — 4-July, 5:07pm EST]

  • Brazil: Parts of Sao Luis — thanks ‘Anthony’ and ‘Florent’
  • Bulgaria: Near Hamanli and Stara Zagora — thanks ‘JI’
  • Chile: Large area centered on Bulnes — thanks ‘Munden’
  • Hungary: Various areas — thanks ‘hhgygy’
  • Iceland: Reykjavík — thanks ‘AKB’ and ‘Noel’
  • India: Various areas — thanks ‘hhgygy’
  • Indonesia: Depok — thanks ‘krz9000’
  • Kazakhstan: Three Gorges Dam and Pavlodar — thanks ‘Drone’
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam, Almere, Hengelo, Rijssen, Holton — thanks ‘Stefan’
  • Pakistan: Karachi — thanks ‘Noman’
  • Saudi Arabia: Jeddah and Makkah — thanks ‘Alsay’
  • Thailand: Southern areas — thanks ‘Dominus’
  • United States: Parts of Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington — thanks ‘Andreas’, ‘ChrisK’, ‘cristi’, ‘JI’, ‘Jun’ and ‘Meryl’
  • Vietnam: Danang — thanks ‘Stvn’

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. There are image updates in Bulgaria, west of Sofia, near Hamanli, and Stara Zagora.

  2. Netherlands: Amsterdam, Almere, Hengelo, Rijssen, Holten
    possibly many more.

  3. depok, indonesia (south of jakarta, has new less-clouds, vibrant colours version. image resolution seems to be the same as before

  4. Brazil – Western portion of Sao Luis including Sao Raimundo and the large ore port.

  5. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  6. oklahoma city!

  7. st. louis, MS!

  8. kansas city, ks!

  9. US :
    – Oklahoma city
    – Detroid
    – Indianapolis
    The Netherlands :
    – Amsterdam
    – Woerden
    – Leiden
    – Zwolle
    – Rijsen
    – Holten

  10. detroit ,michigan!

  11. jackson missippi!

  12. seattle, WA!

  13. New background imagery for Southern Thailand & Peninsular Malaysia.

  14. In Florida USA – Miami April 1, 2010, Orlando May 2, 2010, Jacksonville March 31, 2010.

  15. the city of Danang in Vietnam, has been updated

  16. Kansas City has an imagery date of May 4, 2010

  17. Bulgaria:
    1 – West of Sofia. With an awesome picture of an commercial jet in flight over a highway under construction. 42,40,07N 29,09,05E
    2 – Stara Zagora

  18. Noel Ballantyne says

    Iceland: a new image beside Eyjafjallajökull volcano, but the snow is green!!!!!
    Florida parts of Orange and Osceola County dated may 2 2010

  19. Kansas City has a new image dated May 4, 2010

  20. Miami Florida and Orlando in Florida

  21. Reykjavík, Iceland has been updated to July 2009

  22. Finally after 4 yrs, this update also includes new Imagery for the City of Hengelo (Ov) (Netherlands), near the German border. The resolution is much better! (Images are Dated 2. April 2009 vs 2005 of the previous images. )

  23. Itú region – brazilian city near by São Paulo – updated. Still looking for other updated.

  24. New crispy winter image in the middle of Latvia, although it is March 2003

  25. Chandigarh, India

  26. Hyderabad, India airport, northern section

  27. New november 19 2009 imagery in east side of Lima, but terrain now looks blue.

  28. Three Gorges Dam and Pavlodar, Kazakhstan has also been updated.

  29. Mid-East Hungary

  30. Amstelveen and Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.
    (Imagery from 8 May 2008, more than two years old already.)

  31. Everett, Seattle (WA), Miami (FL), Midwest City (OK)

  32. Actually, various places in all parts of Hungary

  33. Nigeria: Most of the country got new SPOT imagery for its base

  34. Finland: Mariehamn (updated tile that includes much of the surrounding area too)

  35. Eloi Raiol says

    Brazil – Western portion of Sao Luis, city of Natal end Salinópolis.

  36. Just noticed that Google Maps on Mobile (android) has the updated imagery available as well today. Hengelo the Netherlands.

  37. USA: Philadelphia

  38. In USA: Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware

  39. De Meern, Netherlands. Looks like early 2007.

  40. – PERU: Eastern side of LIMA, bad resolution and incorrect colors, totally blue.
    – NICARAGUA: Nice colors and better resolution in MANAGUA.

  41. Cristobal Jordan says

    Santiago, Chile (Again!)(March 21-27, 2010)

  42. USA: Pensacola, FL
    Geez, this is a HUGE update

  43. Chile: Large area centered roughly on Bulnes. (Feb 11, 2010) It doesn’t go over as far as the port in Talcahuano, though. Part of Concepción is as close as it gets.

  44. Karachi,Pakistan

  45. Google have just (c. 21.00 UK time, Sunday) announced the update on the LatLong blog, but so far with no KML or automatic update to ‘My Places’. Hope that this is a rushed job for 4 July celebrations in the US and that Google do issue the details of updates.
    Fantastic new high res images in the Netherlands, although there seems to be something of a haze over Amsterdam.

  46. Karachi,23/May/2009
    Tando Muhammad Khan,06/Jul/2010
    Mirpur Khas,14/Jul/2010
    Nawab Shah,28/Sep/2004
    And all Pakistan`s cities are update.
    Note*above dates are mentioned to taken images.

  47. okasbali says

    @krz9000: Forgot updated crisp of Surakarta aka Solo huh? And did so Gunung Merapi, also (outdated) imagery of Malang, the Crazy Lion City. Oh also the other strip of updated imagery in Indonesia that I can’t said more detail.
    “Aremania-Viking go Peace! No hooliganism here!”

  48. dfgdfgdf says

    Karlovac, Croatia
    There is KML, but some places that have been marked “updated” have a YOM of 2002?

  49. KML updated!

  50. USA: Much of Rhode Island is updated with good imagery from 2010. It covers most of the State except for the extreme edges, but it also goes over into Massachusetts.
    In Massachusetts it goes over to Bedford and even up north of Taunton.

  51. Singapore: There’s a new dark tile on the western edge of the island. It’s centered vaguely on Jurong.

  52. WOW, they have already updated their network link so you can easily see what’s been updated.

  53. Glad they are still doing updates! 🙂
    I wish they will fix up the mountain communities of California with updated imagery.

  54. Karlovac, Croatia

  55. …and most of Germany is still from 2000 ;(

  56. I don’t understand why Google take pictures with clouds on it. The clouds hides the area and the map is useless that place. The other problem is the pictures taken in winter-day afternoon when the sun shines very low angle. Is it difficult to follow the weather forecast to choose a shiny cloudless summer day when satellites at the right position?

  57. Argentina: Gran Buenos Aires, Campana, San Nicolás, Rosario y Posadas

  58. Venezuela: Sucre

  59. Ernst M. Kofler says

    Seattle with the Boeing field from 2010-05-15 showing two Dreamliners B787.

  60. The big 4 July update arrived in My Places on 5 July, but there are some curiousities. Groningen, in the Netherlands, for example has been updated again within a month, other GEB readers have commented on the age and quality of some updates. and it would be very helpful if Google explained more about what happens in a update generally and sometimes specifically.

  61. Why is that I cannot find any fresh stuff in some of the areas surrounded by the red rectangles? The imagery in e.g. Miskolc, Hungary is still exactly the same as before, showing a two year old state.

  62. greg whiteley says

    new images of mt evans in Colorado image dated March 2008 i find it hard to belive the date is right since there is no snow on the mt, i think it’s more like late june or early july

  63. I thought satellite images are rectangular but when I scroll from Slovakia to Hungary, the quality/resolution drops significantly at the border on the Hungarian side, and this drop follows the border exactly but the border is not rectangular at all. How can this happen?

  64. +1 on Mt Evans in Colorado. I live in Clear Creek County, CO and the entire area was updated. The imagery date is definitely off though. Based on the cars seen in my driveway, it is the week of July 4, 2008 (not March 1, 2008 as indicated in GE).

  65. Germany : Karlsruhe, Imagery more than 4 years old !

  66. Čakovec, Croatia please update

  67. the pixel resolution of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Oct 2010) are very bad and not clear.

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