Links: Offline Installer for Google Earth, Better Ocean Visualizations, Updates to 3D Warehouse and Building Maker

Offline installer for Google Earth: When you normally install Google Earth, it downloads a small file to your computer and then downloads the main package as part of the setup process. That’s not a bad thing, but can be frustrating if you would like to save the installer for other use, such as installations on a few computers at once. This simple guide shows you how to do it.
Better Ocean Visualizations: [UPDATE: 3-Feb: Google now has an official post about this new data] Google and NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) have teams up to help push more ocean data into Google Earth. According to Wired, The partnership will include porting more ocean depth, climate and other scientific data into Google Earth as well as providing online access to zoning and regulatory information near the coasts.
More information about this can be found on the NOAA News site.
Updates to the 3D Warehouse and Building Maker: Google has just pushed out a few nice updates to the 3D Warehouse and Building Maker that make them easier to use. In particular, rejected submissions to the 3D Warehouse get more informative messages (not just the generic “Processing Failed”) and Building Maker submissions are automatically checked for “Incomplete Texturing” when you submit them, so you can correct the error immediately instead of having to wait for a message from the team.

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  1. i hate this wee installer file. its better when i get to directly save googleearth.exe file in my computer. saves time for distributing it to the people who has slow internet.

  2. N. W. Perry says:

    Also, at some point recently the “horizontal freeform block” showed up, which I’ve found quite useful.

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