Frank’s Tahina Expedition is now in the Ocean Layer of Google Earth

Frank Taylor has dreamed (and planned) for many years to sail around the world and share it with people by using Google Earth and other tools. He’s trying to visit many places he’s seen in Google Earth in person. As most of you know, he finally departed late last year on his voyage aboard the Tahina.
He’s been faithfully blogging about the adventure, but now even more people can follow his expedition; through the main “layers” menu in Google Earth. Google introduced the “Ocean Expeditions” layer when Google Earth 5.0 came out, and they’ve been expanding it ever since. Now the Tahina Expedition is part of the layer.
If you open the Ocean layer and then turn on the Ocean Expeditions layer, you’ll see a bunch of icons. In the NW Atlantic ocean you’ll find a large icon, under which you’ll find the “Tahina Expedition“. Loading this KML will show placemarks of his various stops, with blog entries and connection lines between each one.

Tahina Expedition Layer

While this makes for a neat way to keep up with Frank’s journey, you can even see more Google Earth details, including his GPS tracks, on the Tahina Expedition map page, follow his blog, RSS feed or the @GoTahina Twitter account.

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