Valentine’s Day in Google Earth

Once again, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we share some of the best romantic placemarks for Google Earth.
To start, you can check out today’s “My Maps, Your Love Stories” entry from the official Google blog, or the latest entry from Google Maps Mania, which includes a wide variety of Valentine’s Day goodies.
Beyond that you can check out the collection of hearts provided by Google Earth Hacks, or see a video of them in action below:

For those of you that are still looking for love, Random Markers has posted a slick little app that shows recent personal ads via the Google Earth plug-in. It pulls the content from Google Base and then displays them in the plug-in. As per the site, it works best in the US because of the higher density of data to use (more personal ads).
If you’re still looking for more Valentine’s Day goodness, you can view a collection of marriage proposals , or check out a Valentine’s Day message from Google Earth Blog, powered by
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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