Vote for DigitalGlobe’s Top Image of the Year

DigitalGlobe produces some amazing imagery, much of which is licensed by Google for use in Google Earth. In addition, they release many one-off images that they display on their site and we occasionally showcase on here. Some examples of that are imagery of Osama bin Laden’s compound and a great photo of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it was transported to Los Angeles back in September.
DigitalGlobe is now having a “Top Image of the Year” contest and is inviting you to take part in it. Simply visit their Top Image Contest – 2012 Facebook album and “like” the images that you think were the best of the year. You can “like” as many images as you want.


On December 19, they’ll announce the five images with the overall most “likes” and then people can vote via a Facebook poll to determine the winning image. For additional votes, voters can also follow DigitalGlobe on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to retweet, repin and +1 their favorite images.
For more about this contest you can read this blog post from DigitalGlobe. For more about their company, you can read our Google Earth A to Z: DigitalGlobe post from earlier this year.

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