Loop Links, Biodiversity and the Law of the Sea

Loop Links: Rich has just posted a creative solution to a problem he was having in Google Earth. Wanting to connect two lines via a “loop”, he built a spreadsheet that can generate the necessary code for you automatically. Enter your starting and ending lat/lon, and it’ll calculate the rest. You can download the spreadsheet here, but you’ll probably want to read the instructions on his site first.
Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield Tour: An increasingly popular way to show presentations is using the Google Earth “Tour” feature, especially via the Google Earth Plugin. Recent examples include the Copenhagen fly-through and Google’s ambitious climate change tools and tours. The Biodiversity tour is another great example of how the tour mode can be used. I would have liked to see more close-ups of things they discuss, but they used the mapping and borders very effectively.

Biological Diversity

Healy 2009 Law of the Sea Mapping: Kurt has just posted a large KMZ file showing the path that the ship “Healy” has taken as it continues it’s polar mapping. The file includes the ship’s path, images from each point, weather and water depth data, and a time-lapse YouTube video of the journey. You can read more about the Law of the Sea Mapping Program here. The time-lapse video can also be seen below:

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