Google Announces the Mexican winners of their “Model Your Campus” contest

ITESM Campus in 3DAlong with the standard “Model Your Campus” contest that Google held, they concurrently held a contest for students at ITSEM (The Technology Institute of Monterrey), with the intention giving an award to the best model created by a student from that school.
After 111 submissions from 22 ITESM campuses, David Gómez-Urquiza Madero and Ricardo Pfeiffer Hurtado from the Santa Fe Campus were named the winners.
You can still view all of the campus models in the Google 3D Warehouse, and you can find David and Ricardo’s winning entries here.
This was their second year with this contest (see the 2007 winners), and Google has said that it will continue next year. In addition, the school plans to attempt to model all 33 ITESM campuses. Bring on the 3D!

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