Roundup – Pillows, redtrails, earthpoint, Robogeo 5, libferris, virtual land rush

  • – this is an excellent tool using Google Earth to find bed and breakfast locations (worldwide). It’s a network link which only pulls in the locations in your current view. Written about before, but newly updated with better performance.
  • – This web site is devoted to showing hiking trails at parks. It is currently populated with the western US states. They have many parks not included in the brand new US National Parks Layer. One nice thing is that their trails are colored differently, so it’s easier to see the trails even in the National Parks. Here’s an example of the Tonto National Forest .
  • – This excellent real estate listings site for Boise, Idaho has been updated. They now have more listings which not only include locations of houses, but the outline of the property. There is also a county-wide GIS file which shows all the properties. Real estate companies should look at this site as an example of how it should be done. See previous story with details.
  • RoboGEO – the best tool I’ve tested for automatically georeferencing photos just got better. Tim has posted a beta of 5.0 which includes a feature for geotagging photos using Google Earth (like Google Picasa 2.5 which is now available). I will try out the new feature and write a story later this week.
  • Linux Geotagged File System – libferris was announced a few weeks ago, but I never mentioned it apparently. This is a special file system you can install which lets you use GE to geotag files (photos or any other kind of file).
  • Cybersquatting in GE? – Andrew discusses the possibilities of cybersquatting (e.g. someone registers extended to virtual worlds like Google Earth. In a sense, this has kind of happened with the GE Community Layers. Interesting thoughts in his write-up.

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