MLB World Series Winners 1903-2005 in Google Earth

MLB Baseball World Series in Google EarthSomeone at the Google Earth Community (GEC) called ‘LuciaM’ has produced a collection of placemarks showing the winners of Major League Baseball’s World Series from 1903 through 2005. Open the collection and you will see placemark icons showing the logos of the winning teams. Go to the Places folder and open the folder to see each year from 1903 to 2005 and who won the World Series. Click on the year and you will get a link to the Baseball Almanac which has more details. The placemarks show the home stadium locations for the winning teams (where possible) and in most cases you can see the actual stadium in the satellite or aerial photos in Google Earth.
This MLB post was brought to my attention by GEC member Up_the_Spurs who created the Heavy Weight Boxing Champions and the Victorian Cross collections.

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