Avian Flu Preparedness Using Google Earth

A Time Magazine writer just contacted me to let me know she had written an article today involving Google Earth at time.com. Christine Gorman, a Senior Writer at Time, wrote about how a poultry veterinarian at the University of Pennsylvania named Sherrill Davison is using Google Earth’s satellite and aerial photos for the poultry industry to prepare an avian flu response plan (in case it is needed in the US). Christine says in her article:

Preparation includes computerized databases that contain information about every major commercial poultry farm in the U.S., where it is located and the placement of its buildings. Knowing these locations in advance, along with other information, allows you to figure out where to cull the animals, if need be. And if you need to set up a quarantine area, it helps to know what other nearby farms or buildings should be included.

That is where Google Earth comes in. Starting about a month ago, Davison says, she and others began using Google Earth to double-check their maps of poultry farms. The resolution is so good that they were able to pinpoint where the poultry houses are and update their information.

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