Win a Free Trip from Surfing Magazine by Using Google Earth

Surfing contest in Google EarthSurfing Magazine has started a contest called the “Google Earth Reader Challenge“. Here’s how the contest works from their contest page:

Download (if you haven’t already) the GoogleEarth satellite imaging program from and use it to scour the Earth’s remote coastlines for potential wave set-ups from the comfort of your own home. When you find a good one, make a jpg. ‘frame grab’ or a hard copy print out of the set-up, with the coordinates provided by Google Earth on the page…We’ll choose the set-up with the most potential as a NEW DISCOVERY and, if it’s yours, we’ll not only set you up with a killer prize pack of shorts/sandals/tide watches/backpack courtesy of Quiksilver Travel, but we’ll also take you (along with a few top pros and one of our veteran photographers) there to surf place.

Read the web page for the full details – the cutoff date is 27-August-2006 for submittals. Thanks to Frank McVey for the heads up.

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  1. Looks cool… I love these kinds of Google Earth contests (and finding beaches).
    I noticed that Mappica now has all of Kauai’s (and most of Maui’s) beaches placemarked in Google Earth amd some of them even have photos.

  2. Cool, can we choose a place in Costa Rica? I went surfing there with a company called Pura Vida Adventures. I had such a great time with them. It’s one of those surf adventure companies that primarily deals with women, but has a few coed camps (I went to one of them). They do yoga too. Awesome people there. So what’s the deal?

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