The War in Yemen

Most of the major war zones today are blanket censored in Google Earth, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. Israel isn't completely censored, but due to a US law, has only low resolution … [Read more...]

Bomb damage from the war in Yemen

There is an ongoing war in Yemen that started early last year. We have in the past had a look at the bomb damage at Sana’a airport in May 2015, and had another look in January this year. Today we are … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update mid-January 2016

Google Earth has received an imagery update recently, with the new imagery showing up in 'historical imagery' in the last couple of days. Until recently the most recent image was from November 30th, … [Read more...]

Interesting imagery from 2015 that we missed

Last week we looked at the Bento Rodrigues mine disaster. Today we are looking at a number of other sights to be seen in the satellite imagery from 2015. We found most of the locations with the help … [Read more...]

Sana’a Airport bomb damage

Thank you to GEB reader AC for pointing us to the recently added imagery of Sana'a Airport in Yemen. The image comes from DigitalGlobe and was captured on March 27th, 2015. Before and after images … [Read more...]