Google Earth imagery updates – Sport

Although the majority of sights we look at in Google Earth imagery are natural disasters or man-made disasters, today we are having a look at a couple of sporting events. These are not coincidence, … [Read more...]

The Gatlinburg, Tennessee wildfire in Google Earth

Google has recently added some imagery relating to wildfires in the south eastern United States. Gatlinburg, Tennessee The Great Smoky Mountain wildfires of late November, 2016 was a group of … [Read more...]

A River Runs Red

While looking through the recent imagery updates we came across this story about a river in Russia that turned red. DigitalGlobe captured some imagery of the location, including both a colour image … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Updates, Italian Earthquake, Burning Man, Train Crash

Google recently updated the 'historical imagery' layer in Google Earth and we have done a series of posts on the various interesting sights: Wildfires in the US More US wildfires, US floods and a … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Updates – Migrants and floods

We have recently been looking at the latest imagery updates added to 'historical imagery'. So far we have been looking at the US, including wildfires and more wildfires, floods and a tornado. Today … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Updates, Fire, Flood, Tornado!

Google recently updated the 'historical imagery' layer after nearly six months of no updates. So, there is a lot of interesting new imagery to see. Last week we had a look at some US wildfires. Today, … [Read more...]

Google Earth imagery updates – Fire!

Google has at last updated the 'historical imagery' layer. Just yesterday we complained about the fact that it hadn't been updated since July. Thank you to the anonymous GEB reader who let us know in … [Read more...]

Various new sights in Google Earth imagery

Today we are having a look at various sights that can be seen in recent additions to Google Earth's imagery. Puma Energy plant explosion On August 18th, 2016 there was an explosion at the Puma Energy … [Read more...]

Damage by the Erskine Fire, California as seen in Google Earth

The Erskine Fire was a wildfire near Lake Isabella, California. It was only one of many wild-fires that occur in the California region every year (there are an average of around 8,000 fires per year). … [Read more...]

The Jiangsu tornado

Although Google has neglected to update 'historical imagery' in Google Earth since early June, they have been adding fresh imagery, and when it is reasonably good quality, it goes into the default … [Read more...]