The Future of Google Earth Voyager

Google recently added some new Voyager tours titled 'I Am Amazon' featuring various stories from the Amazon. These tours are exclusively for the new browser-based Google Earth and the Android app. … [Read more...]

Google Earth Live?

We often get asked by GEB readers how to upgrade to the 'live' version of Google Earth. Unfortunately, no such version exists and all imagery in Google Earth is dated - and in many places, the latest … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Explorer Tours

The new browser based Google Earth continues to receive new content in the form of Voyager Tours. One recent addition is in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter book series and features … [Read more...]

A Tour Maker for the new Google Earth

Last week we had a look at the new Voyager tours in the new Google Earth and suggested that Google create a tour maker or at least release instructions on how to create them. It turns out that, Josh … [Read more...]

Voyager in the new Google Earth

This week Google released a new, browser based version of Google Earth. One of the first features you should check out in the new Earth is 'Voyager' (the ship's wheel symbol). It consists of a number … [Read more...]

The story of Saroo Brierley now featured in Google Earth

Google has just updated the 'Voyager' layer to Edition 3. As soon as you open Google Earth on your desktop you will see a window featuring the story of Saroo Brierly. We have featured Saroo's story a … [Read more...]

More about the Voyager layers

A couple of weeks ago Google updated the Voyager layers in Google Earth. We have already had a look at the new 'Animal View' sub layer and the updated 'Satellite imagery updates' layer. The 'Earth … [Read more...]

What’s that image, Voyager Edition 2

With the recent release of the 'Voyager Edition 2' layers, including a map of recently added imagery, we can, as we have done for previous updates, have a look through the imagery to see if there is … [Read more...]

Google Earth Voyager layer update: Go on safari

Back in June, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Google Earth, Google introduced some new layers to Google Earth under the heading 'Voyager'. Today, the layer has received an update and … [Read more...]

New Content for Google Earth’s 10th Anniversary

Google blogged today about Google Earth turning 10 and announced some new content in celebration. This announcement brings out some revelations about the future of Google Earth as well. So, we are … [Read more...]