Pacific eruption turns two islands into one

Back in 1973, a volcanic eruption in the western Pacific ocean caused the formation of a new island named Nishino-shima. Four months ago, a nearby eruption caused the formation of a new island named … [Read more...]

Lava flow shapes in Google Earth

Because of the way Google Earth work, volcanoes are almost always amazing to view inside of it.  3D terrain combined with high-resolution imagery makes for some stunning views, as we explained a while … [Read more...]

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung in Google Earth

8,530-foot-high Mount Sinabung in western Indonesia has erupted again, prompting the evacuation of approximately 1,300 villagers.  The mountain has been active for a few months now: 15,000 were forced … [Read more...]

The ash emissions from Mount Etna

Mount Etna in Sicily is a beautiful mountain, and has seen an increase in volcanic activity in 2013.  Captured on April 18 by NASA's EO-1 satellite, the image below shows the mountain in it's eleventh … [Read more...]

Great imagery of the Sakurajima Volcano in Japan

With more than 680,000 residents within a few kilometers of it, scientists keep a close eye on Japan's Sakurajima Volcano. A few weeks ago a new advisory was put out for the volcano and an image was … [Read more...]

Viewing the ash plume from the Shiveluch Volcano

Just a few days ago we talked about some of the great volcanoes that can be seen in Google Earth. Almost on cue, the NASA Earth Observatory has released some amazing imagery of the Shiveluch Volcano … [Read more...]

The largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century

What was the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century? Perhaps Mount St. Helens in 1980 or maybe Mount Pinatubo in 1991? The answer is actually Novarupta, a volcano that erupted in 1912 and was … [Read more...]

Volcano forms a new island in the Red Sea

Earlier this month, a volcano erupted in the Red Sea with fisherman reporting the lava fountains reaching heights of up to 30 meters! The imagery of the eruption, captured by NASA's EO-1 ("Earth … [Read more...]