Landslide and Tsunami in Greenland

Last Saturday, on 17th June, a landslide in Greenland caused a tidal wave, killing four people and injuring nine in the community of Nuugaatsiaq. Two other communities, Igdlorssuit and Viaqornat, were … [Read more...]

The 2004 tsunami: then and now

We have in the past looked at 'before and after' pictures of devastating natural disasters such as earth quakes, tornados and tsunamis. The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 occurred before GEB started, … [Read more...]

Japanese disaster imagery, one year later

It's been a year since the huge earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, and Google has released fresh imagery to show the recovery made by Japan over the past 12 months. The new imagery was captured … [Read more...]

Historical Street View imagery for Japan

One of the neatest features added to Google Earth in the past few years is the Historical Imagery added in Google Earth 5. Being able to go back in time and few older imagery is such a neat thing to … [Read more...]

The Japanese Tsunami created some massive icebergs

When the earthquake (and subsequent tsunami) struck Japan earlier this year, we provided as much data as possible about the disaster. What many people didn't realize was that the tsunami continued to … [Read more...]

Round-up of all imagery and resources available for Japan

We've written a few posts recently with information about Japan in the wake of their horrible earthquake and tsunami, but the data keeps pouring in so here's an update on everything that is available … [Read more...]

Brand new Google Earth imagery of post-earthquake Japan

GeoEye is moving very fast after the major earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan yesterday, already pushing out some fresh imagery from Tokyo, Kamaishi and Kushiro. [UPDATE: Fukushima and Yokohama … [Read more...]

Google Earth resources for the Japanese Earthquake

As I'm sure you've heard, Japan was hit this morning by a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami. There are already a variety of Earth/Maps-related resources to provide information about the … [Read more...]