Google Earth Tour builder: Part 4 – Path-following

This is part 4 of our series creating a Google Earth Tour builder. Today we are adding the ability to follow a path. Simply create a KML file containing a set of paths and / or placemarks and upload … [Read more...]

Google Earth Tour builder: Part 3 – Labelling

This is part 3 of our Tour Builder series where we try to develop tools to make creating Google Earth Tours easier. When you create a tour that visits a list of locations, one thing you want to do is … [Read more...]

Google Earth Tour builder: Part 2 – Arcs between locations

This is part 2 of a series where we gradually create a Google Earth Tour builder tool. We started last week with a tool that took a set of placemarks and created a tour that circles each placemark. … [Read more...]

Google Earth Tour builder: Part 1 – Circling

Google Earth has the ability to display very sophisticated tours. However, this capability is underutilised. The reason for this is simple; there is a lack of good tools for creating tours, which … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth tour builder as a real estate agent

Since the introduction of Google Earth nearly a decade ago, it has been a great tool for real estate agents. One of the earliest examples was when Trulia added Google Earth support for real estate … [Read more...]

How to use the new Google Earth Tour Builder

Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has provided some great resources over the years such as an animated flood map of London and a variety of Google Earth-based resources for teachers. He recently … [Read more...]