Street View portals to Mars, the Moon and Atlantis

Recently, we had a look at recent additions to Street View. We also included a map of changes over the past month. There were two spots in the 'changes' map that we found particularly … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Réunion

Réunion, a French Island in the Indian Ocean not far from Mauritius, has recently received Street View. We found that although the coverage shown by the blue lines is quite extensive we were not able … [Read more...]

Adding pictures to Street View

This is part of a series of posts expanding on our Google Earth Blog FAQ. We get quite a lot of email along the lines of: "Our business / rental property / property for sale is shown in Street View … [Read more...]

Google Street View Camera goes Mountaineering and Surfing

Last week we had a look at miniature Street View, where the street view cameras got tiny and toured the world's largest model railway. For pictures of the camera they used on that project see this … [Read more...]

Miniature Street View

Miniature Wunderland is claimed to be the largest miniature model railway in the world. So, how do you go about capturing Street View of a miniature railway? With miniature cameras on miniature Street … [Read more...]

Street View coverage for 2015

Street View extended its coverage over the course of 2015, most notably in South America, Eastern Europe and South East Asia. We only started keeping a high resolution screen shot of coverage in March … [Read more...]

Uruguay gets Street View

Thank you to GEB readers Pedro and Ecksemmess for letting us know that Street View of Uruguay has recently been released. Street View changes (in red) between November 23rd, 2015 and December 3rd, … [Read more...]

Jordan historical sites get Street View

Google has just released Street View for more than 30 historical sites in Jordan. Read more about it on the LatLong Blog. It can be a … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Kampala, Uganda

Thank you to GEB reader 'ecksemmess' for letting us know about new Street View imagery in Kampala, Uganda. It was added at about the same time as the Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia imagery and can be … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Ecuador and Bolivia

Thank you to GEB reader 'ecksemmess' for letting us know that Ecuador and Bolivia recently received Street View. New Street View in red, existing Street View in blue. World map. Cochabamba, … [Read more...]