China’s new islands in the South China Sea

Back in 2015 we had a look at the islands that China has been building in the South China Sea. Last year we took another look at Fiery Cross Reef. Many of the islands have grown significantly since … [Read more...]

Taiwan wants Google to censor satellite imagery

A recent story in the news says that Taiwan's Defense Ministry has asked Google to blur imagery of some military structures on Itu Aba Island (also known as Taiping Island) in the South China … [Read more...]

Fiery Cross Reef

We recently mentioned that we had noted that the disputed islands in the South China sea had not received any satellite imagery updates for over a year. It is an area of particular interest as China … [Read more...]

China building islands in the Spratlys

In the past we have looked at an island that doesn't exist, islands being formed, islands combining to form a bigger island and a disappearing islet. Today we are looking at how China is turning reefs … [Read more...]