How to quickly preview the latest Sentinel imagery

[ Update: There were a few bugs in the first version of the KML most notably it reported no imagery for tiles starting with '0'. If you intend to use it, please re-download. We have also slightly … [Read more...]

More about processing Sentinel imagery

We recently had a look at how to process Sentinel imagery using GIMP. GEB reader 'DJ' asked in the comments if the geodata supplied with the imagery can be used to automatically align the imagery in … [Read more...]

Processing Sentinel imagery with GIMP

Sentinel imagery can be thought of as Europe's equivalent of Landsat imagery. It is freely available just like Landsat imagery, but higher resolution. Today we are having a look at how to process it … [Read more...]

Spectral Transformer for Sentinel-2 Imagery

We have previously had a look at a tool by GeoSage for processing Landsat Data. At the time it was free for non-commercial use, but is no longer. It remains, however, the best tool we have come across … [Read more...]

Sentinel vs Landsat imagery

Yesterday we had a look at Snapsat, a useful website for obtaining Landsat imagery. The location we chose was Dallas, Texas and a track made by a tornado in December last year. We thought it would be … [Read more...]

The Sentinel Missions

The satellite Sentinel-1B was launched earlier this week. It is the second satellite of the Sentinel-1 mission, the first of which, Sentinel-1A, has been in orbit since April 2014. Together they … [Read more...]