Google Earth right-click menu in “Search” fixed

Back in 2014, Google updated the search results functionality in Google Earth. At the time we noted that there were two bugs introduced: the 'get directions' functionality didn't work properly and the … [Read more...]

Google Earth search vs Google Earth placemarks and street data

As we have mentioned in the past new additions to Google Maps are almost immediately available in Google Earth search. However, the information shown in Google Earth placemarks and street maps is not … [Read more...]

Google Earth search fixed

Towards the end of November, Google updated the search engine that supplies results to Google Earth. We had a look at it and were initially impressed. However, it wasn't long before GEB readers … [Read more...]

Problems with the new search in Google Earth

Last week we noted that Google had changed the way search results are displayed in Google Earth (desktop version). Several GEB readers have noted, however, that there are some problems with the … [Read more...]

Improvements to search in Google Earth

Thank you to GEB reader Paul, for alerting us to a recent change made to the way search results are displayed in Google Earth. The changes to the search are not a change in the code of the Google … [Read more...]

Search in Google Earth

The mapping data in the desktop version of Google Earth is currently a separate database from that in Google Maps. The Mobile version of Google Earth was recently given a complete rewrite and now uses … [Read more...]

Meograph adds search features

We've been fans of Meograph since we first showed them you nearly a year ago. ┬áIn that time they've made a wealth of improvements, and the latest update is another great feature -- … [Read more...]