Rio 3D imagery and Google Earth’s elevation data

We mentioned in our post on simulating lakes that Google Earth's elevation data is often very inaccurate in mountainous areas. When looking around the 3D imagery of Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympics … [Read more...]

Olympic venues get a 3D update

Google has recently updated the 3D imagery for some of the key Olympic venues. Sometime in June Google had significantly increased the 3D coverage for Rio de Janeiro but that imagery was captured … [Read more...]

Monitoring oil reserves with satellite imagery

When we were having a look around Rio de Janeiro for yesterday's post we noticed a large oil refinery (Refinaria de Duque de Caxias) with many oil tanks, and it reminded us that monitoring oil … [Read more...]

Rio de Janeiro with Google Earth

With the opening of the Olympics just two months away (August 5th), it is a good time to have a look at the host city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Google has kicked off the sight-seeing by updating and … [Read more...]