How to use the new Google Earth Tour Builder

Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has provided some great resources over the years such as an animated flood map of London and a variety of Google Earth-based resources for teachers. He recently … [Read more...]

More great Google Earth resources for teachers

Last month we shared some great tips for you on how to use Google Earth in academic settings as the school year was kicking off.  Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has taken it further and launched a … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to understand geomorphology

Geomorphology is "the scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them", which seems to make Google Earth an excellent tool for that kind of work.  Holly Dolliver recently wrote a paper … [Read more...]

The Powers of Ten, centered on your house

We've discussed the groundbreaking "Powers of Ten" video on GEB a few times (the last being in December), as Google Earth is amazing platform to explore some of the concepts in the film.  If you've … [Read more...]