Controlling Google Earth via the Liquid Galaxy protocol

Given that the Google Earth API is coming to an end we are looking at alternative solutions. Yesterday we had a look at Google Earth's internal browser and what its capabilities are. Today we are … [Read more...]

Tour maker with the Google Earth API

With the end of life of the Google Earth API approaching, Paul van Dinther of has decided to release a tool he created for his own use that uses the Google Earth plugin for making … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin gradually fading away

Due to the uncertain future of the Google Earth plugin, many prominent sites that used to use it have started to transition to other alternatives. Here are three examples: Ships 2 Career from … [Read more...]

Destiny – Google Street View in a game world

With our recent story on the possible demise of the Google Earth plugin - at least in the Chrome browser - it begs the question, what is currently possible with the Google Maps API? Paul van Dinther … [Read more...]

45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission

This Sunday 45 years ago, July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon. One great way to experience the landing is by viewing … [Read more...]

Ships version 1.5 is released, making a great game even better

It's been nearly two years since Paul van Dinther released the excellent "Ships" game, and it's recently been updated to be even better. Check out what's new in this video: The new enhancements … [Read more...]

Playing games in Google Earth

Since Google Earth was first released, a variety of people (including myself) have looked for ways to use it for gaming. While it will never be a true gaming platform, there are still some fun … [Read more...]

Amazing Lunar Lander Game Using Google Earth

Just a week ago, we had the introduction of the new Moon in Google Earth. A few days later we saw the release of the basic Lunar Rover game. And, now, an awesome lunar lander game by the same guy … [Read more...]

Fantastic Free Google Earth Game: Ships has released the first version of a fantastic free simulation game which leverages the browser-based Google Earth plugin as the primary graphics engine. The game is called "Ships" … [Read more...]